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By John Teti • March 30, 2012

This isn’t what I expected. A couple of years ago, I had this notion to start up an online magazine about games. I found some like-minded writers and creative types. Every once in a while, we got together in each other’s apartments and talked about what this fanciful site would look like. We wanted to produce smart commentary infused with a sense of humor. To write criticism that considers games in a broad cultural context. To give the art form resonance outside of the “hardcore” bubble, by putting a face on the people who make and play games.

It was a side project, a boutique affair. Then last year, a couple of editors at The A.V. Club said to me, “Tell us more about this ‘Game-o-logical’ project. Maybe we can work on it together.” So I did, and we did. Suddenly it wasn’t a side project anymore.

Welcome to The Gameological Society. I’m John Teti, and I’ll be your editor. We intend to pursue all those ideas that the Gameological contributors and I hatched over so many beers and slices of pizza. We’re going to talk mainly about video games, but the discussion will also wander into sports, game shows, board games, and elsewhere. 

Above all, I want Gameological to be humane and approachable. There are so many tiresome fiefdoms in gaming. You’ve got your “hardcore” gamers and your “casual” gamers. Console gamers are inferior to PC gamers, or maybe it’s the other way around. Gaming discussion online is riddled with jargon, and if you don’t know all the lingo, suspicion may arise that you’re not a “real gamer.”

Look, I love enthusiasts. I am one. I also think you shouldn’t have to be obsessed with games to take part in a conversation about them. So let’s open up a bit. I wrote on our pre-launch teaser site that everyone’s a member of The Gameological Society, and I meant it. We’re all about scaling back the intimidation factor and making game talk more accessible. That doesn’t mean dumbing things down. Far from it. It means writing in a grounded and witty style that’s refreshing for fanatics while also welcoming those who are simply fans.

Gameological is not a juggernaut. There are plenty of sites that claim to be “authoritative,” “the ultimate guide,” “the only resource you need.” We don’t pretend to be any of that. We’re a bunch of individuals who like to think and talk about games. While the site certainly has earnest aims, we don’t plan to take ourselves too seriously. Authoritative? Good lord, no. Subjective, spirited, curious? All of the above. It’s more fun that way.

We’re going to be posting two or three items each day—a mix of reviews, recurring features, reported articles, podcasts, videos, and some smaller bloggy nuggets. To make all of this look nice, we’ve put together a new design that’s clean and flexible.

There are more details to come. For now, I’ll close by thanking The A.V. Club, in particular Josh Modell and Keith Phipps, for their support in launching this project. For three-plus years, I’ve loved being a contributor to The A.V. Club, and their offer of a partnership with Gameological was the best surprise of my professional life. It also made a lot of sense, though, because—as you can probably tell by now—Gameological has a lot of The A.V. Club’s DNA. Still, it’s an experiment, and I’m grateful to everyone at The A.V. Club and The Onion for having faith in the idea.

And thanks to you all for being here. After so many months of planning, I couldn’t be more excited to unveil the site and bring you into the fold. So, once again, welcome to The Gameological Society. It’s time to play.

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995 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. Christopher says:

    This sounds great! Looking forward to some grown-up gaming conversation with the AVclub style snark.

  2. feisto says:

    Congrats! I’ve always enjoyed your writing on gaming, so I’m looking forward to what you’ve got in store! I noticed there weren’t any game reviews on the AV Club main page when I loaded it up… are these also going to be posted on a rolling basis, like the Sawbuck game reviews?

    • John Teti says:

      Thanks, feisto! Yeah, rather than waiting for Monday, game reviews will now be posted throughout the week, when they’re ready. You’ll probably see them mainly on Tuesdays given that it’s new-release day, but they’ll just be a part of the general content flow around here.

  3. Please delete this comment ASAP.

  4. Looking forward to it, will there be any site-wide RSS feeds available?

    • John Teti says:


      •  sweet thanks – thanks for deleting that other comment too, love me some twitter integration, but it can backfire on work computers :)

      • DestroyHimMyRobots says:

        It shows a bunch of articles for me that aren’t on the actual site, all of them dated March 28. Oh, and it shows the whole thing, YouTube embeds and everything. There’s even an unlisted YouTube video from July 11 with you in it. I’m a bit torn, it feels like a “Find a present before you were supposed to” situation. I… can I have them now? I swear I’ll act suprised!

        • John Teti says:

          Ha, yeah, there’s nothing to be done about it. Once Google gets that information in its system, it refuses to let go. Yet another reason that Google freaks me out a bit. I took the YouTube video down, so that can be our little secret. As for the feature article (which is in a draft state on the RSS feed), that will be posted later this week, so the masses won’t have to wait long. Congratulations on your inadvertent sneak peek! (And thank you very much for the heads-up.)

        • DestroyHimMyRobots says:

          @JohnTeti:disqus  I am particularly excited about the Richard Pryor/Delaware serial rapist article! Man, this site is really gonna have something for everyone.

  5. GhaleonQ says:

    Man, I wish timing would have been such that I could have helped out.  Hopefully, the output is genuinely smart, not shallow beneath its ponderousness *glares at other websites*.

    As it stands, the website looks great.  Now, to explore!

  6. Raging_Bear says:

    The site looks great, and I’m looking forward to it immensely. Congratulations on getting it going! I wanted to say that in some affably clever way, but I can’t think of anything better. I think it’s all this pressure to be scintillating.

    Hey, quit staring at my underscore! Disqus didn’t acknowledge my A.V. Club login over here, ok?

    • John Teti says:

      Thanks, RB! As for the comment-account thing, this Disqus doc might help:

      The relevant part is the bit about “SSO” sites, like The A.V. Club.

    • LimeadeYouth says:

      Am I going to have to log in again every time I go from the AV Club to here?

      • John Teti says:

        No, you shouldn’t have to do that. If you link your Disqus account to your AVC account, logging in on one site will also log you in on the other. But even if you use a separate account for Gameological, one site’s login shouldn’t affect the other.

  7. Keith Phipps says:

    Going to be great, John. Good to see all your hard work actually up there on the screen.

  8. AuroraBoreanaz says:

    Awesome! Looking forward to another fun place to discuss gaming!

  9. BobbyBrownGoesDown says:

    Sweet! When does the Diablo 3 material begin? Sign me up

  10. Dijonase says:

    This is very cool. I’m a long time AV Club reader and look forward to following along.

  11. CivilizationHasFailed says:

    Finally, I’ve always found game journalism to be amateur, fanboyish, and sloppy. This gives me renewed hope, just in time! Looking forward to some quality articles that extend beyond 360 vs. PS3 frame-by-frame comparisons.

    • The_Guilty_Party says:

      Nevermind the journalism, if there could be a place to discuss games that isn’t a dark, slimy pit littered with decaying corpses and the mortally wounded, screaming as the worms eat them alive, then I’d count it a win.

      That metaphor kind of got away from me, and I still don’t think it accurately reflects the nature of video game discussion.

  12. really looking forward to this!

    since this will be a semi-separate entity from AVClub, will the Society be posting longer-form reviews for new releases, or still adhere to the get-in, get-out variety of review?

    • John Teti says:

      Thanks! Our reviews will run somewhat longer than the A.V. Club reviews did. We won’t prattle on forever, but we’ll be able to spread our legs a little bit.

  13. CouchShouts says:

    Very much looking forward to reading and participating.  Huzzah!

  14. Site is now bookmarked. Let the battle of wits begin! Excelsior!

  15. MSUSteve says:

    I’m really looking forward to seeing what you do here, Mr. Teti.  I absolutely love the clean, uncluttered design.

    Can we expect any involvement from the great Scott C. Jones?

    • John Teti says:

      Scott will still be contributing the occasional review, as he did on The A.V. Club. Not sure if his TV-hosting schedule will allow for much beyond that. Thanks for the vote of confidence! It sure is nice to have an old Crispy Gamer friend around these parts.

      • MSUSteve says:

        Speaking of Jones’ TV-hosting, I took my wife to Caesar’s Windsor for a Kathy Griffin show (I know) for her birthday.  I got the biggest kick out of catching the end of one of Scott’s shows on the hotel cable, which we don’t get on TV here in the U.S.  I tried to explain to her why I was so excited, but everything I said made me sound more and more insane.  So I shut up.

        Anyway, I’m glad to see the site launch and very much looking forward to its future.

  16. Drunken Superman says:

    Nice, I look forward to browsing your internet webpages.

    I guess this means that, Mass Effect aside, I’m going to have to stop being a year behind on all things gaming.  I doubt there’s going to be much content relevant to my current Red Dead Redemption playthrough.

    • John Teti says:

      You might be surprised. We’re aware that a lot of players don’t keep up with the latest releases, and we want them to feel welcome here, too. So some of the features we have planned are built on the premise of re-exploring oldies but goodies.

      • DontLikeGranola says:

        Awesome!  I was hoping there’d be some ‘classic’ game coverage.  Site looks excellent as well.  Looking forward to checking in each day.

      • Merve says:

        Sweet. I look forward to any and all Deus-Ex-related circle jerks.

  17. This looks great. Your instincts about casual gamers are correct, as well. I only buy a few games a year, but I’d like a better idea of what’s out there without being alienated or overwhelmed. 
    I wish the AV would would launch a similar feature focused on books.

  18. Fist_Beefchest says:

    I see you write “video games” as two words instead of one. Correct or not, I approve.

    However, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to let the word “gamer” into my heart. It sounds like leftover 80’s slang concocted by an out-of-touch marketing exec to pander to teenagers’ love for all things radical and Xtreme. But until I can come up with something better, I’ll keep my damn mouth shut.

    • John Teti says:

      I hear you. The word “gamer” often annoys me, too. The idea of using it in the introductory promos for the site is an attempt to reclaim it a little. We probably won’t use it a lot in the prose of the site, though.

      As for “video games,” people get into big philosophical discussions about that one, which I sympathize with, but the main reason we write it that way is that the one-word version has always looked funny to me.

      • trilobiter says:

        I’ve always used “gamer” to talk about the members of the community of people who play video games regularly, but when I’m talking about a person playing a game at any given moment I usually go with “player” or “video game player.”

        And obviously, I prefer the two word version.  These are my two cents.

        • BobbyBrownGoesDown says:

          The term “gamer” annoys me, except when referring to the film Gamer, which is totally badass.

      • Girard says:

         I like to impress people by dropping that I’m a “watcher.” And a “reader.”

  19. Brett B says:

    This is like one of those great things that you never realized you needed until it actually appeared. I look forward to frequenting this site.

  20. trilobiter says:

    This.  This is what I’ve been waiting for my whole life.

    • trilobiter says:

       Dah, what the fuck!?  Telling Discus your real name changes your screenname!?  Now everyone knows my secret identity!  /changes back.

  21. hastapura says:

    Awesome. Awesome, awesome, awesome. AV Club coverage has always been thin, and Kill Screen gets up its own asshole several times over: really excited to see what goes on here.

    Although Kill Screen did do a brief article on Haunting Ground, so you’re gonna have to dig deep into the survival horror vault to top that.

  22. DontLikeGranola says:

    Excellent!  This, along with the AV Club, will be a daily stop for me.  Really looking forward to an ‘adult’ videogame site without all the fanboy-ism.  Good luck with the new site, John!

  23. Channel_8_News says:

    Very excited about the new site. Always found AV Club’s game section to be a bit more sparse than I would have liked, so I’m glad you guys are getting to spread out on your own site. Definitely looking forward to the discussions on this site.

  24. BuntlineSpecial says:

    Congratulations on liftoff, John.  It is not easy to get something like this going, but we need it.  The A.V. Club’s video game coverage was too short and too erratic, and this has a chance to be really good.  Nicely done.

  25. colliewest says:

    Teti, you are a prince among men and your site will be awesome.

  26. kingfisher5 says:

    This is fantastic. Looking forward to a space that doesn’t devolve into masturbatory fanboy drivel or awkwardly sexist screeds in the course of one thread, and I can (usually) count on the AVClub crowd for that. Thanks for doing this; the site looks great already!

  27. Swadian Knight says:

    Cool, I’ve been looking for a website like this. The site is looking brilliant and I’ll be more than happy to visit it often. 

  28. Marc Zerfas says:

    I have to say I am impressed so far. Daily Sawbucker Games though. Do you want us to stay employed?

  29. TheRainDog76 says:

    What a fantastic idea. You have my sword, my bow and my axe sir.

  30. Mike D says:

    Yay! I never tire of talking of games. I especially like the non-hardware/tech focus as that doesn’t really matter to me. It’s also cool to be on the ground floor. I suspect this site will be like AVClub, in which I am checking it all day at my soul-sucking desk job (I’m the sysadmin, so I have free reign to internet as much as I like at work).

  31. doctuar says:

    Brilliant news. I’ll register an account in celebration of this fact. I am a terrible gamer, unfortunately. Not technically, but in terms of honouring the effort that goes into them. I played Mass Effect 3 for about 2 hours before wandering off and finding something else shiny to behold (I think it was Binary Domain? I can’t remember, I have Amazon Prime…). With your help, I hope to become a better person and overcome this terrible affliction.

  32. dertwerst says:

    Fine words, laudable goals!   I’m glad to see games get a bit more attention ’round the AVC and its adjuncts.  Looking forward to some interesting discussions.