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Do You Know Flash Games?

It Was All Worth It

Do You Know Flash Games? rewards your countless hours of procrastination with pretend cash.

By Tasha Robinson • April 16, 2012

Do You Know Flash Games?
Creator: Alexey Izvalov
Platform: Browser
Price: Free

For all those browser-game addicts who love Who Wants To Be A Millionaire but don’t want to risk winning all that money and the headaches that come along with it, Do You Know Flash Games? might be an acceptable substitute. It’s a Flash-game-specific trivia game with a Millionaire skin, and it follows the Millionaire pattern—stupidly easy questions (“Who is your enemy in Dino Panic? A: Rhinoceros B: Dinosaur C: Octopus D: Spider”) give way to increasingly difficult ones. Each question comes with a screenshot of the game, which adds a playful dimension: In the early, easy questions, the right answer is often visible and obvious in the screenshot, whereas in the later ones, anything onscreen is probably deliberately misleading. 

The play of Do You Know Flash Games? is entirely basic—click on the right answer, or use one-shot help options like “skip question” or “see how other players answered”—and try not to get any questions wrong. And it does have the disadvantage of not actually making players into millionaires if they win. (Then again, the title of the game makes no such promises.) But for browser-game players who’ve already spent way too much time building defensive towers, collecting stars, fleeing zombies, flinging penguins, and so forth, Do You Know Flash Games? is an enjoyable challenge and a mild validation. You haven’t just been wasting time, you’ve been amassing trivia. And in case you haven’t learned enough trivia (or wasted enough time), each question links to the game it references. The game isn’t just a knowledge-validator, it’s a knowledge-creator, and a portal to knowing even more Flash games.

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13 Responses to “It Was All Worth It”

  1. HobbesMkii says:

    If this game had been made three years ago, I would have crushed it.

  2. AuroraBoreanaz says:

    Bah, can’t get past the 4000 level without looking at the games themselves.

  3. Shain Eighmey says:

    Oh no! I’m getting too old to be good at this game! 

  4. 3FistedHumdinger says:

    Took me about 20 tries to finally win, and even then it was a fluke.

  5. Thank you for the review! :) For me, as the developer, it was very pleasant to read it :) 

    Currently I’m making final adjustments to my new game, turn-based strategy, and then I’ll release the sequel of DYKFG, taking into account the players’ opinions.