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Sake Wishes And Tobiko Dreams

If only the match-three puzzler Dreams Of A Geisha had been around in Edo-period Japan. How glorious it would have been.

By Ellie Gibson • April 13, 2012

Meet Ichisumi. Like all geishas, she is blessed with beauty, poise, and grace. Like all geishas, she has devoted her life to the ancient Japanese arts of music, dance, and poetry. And like all geishas, she dreams of swapping one thing with another thing so three of the things match up and they disappear in a cloud of sparkles. 

Dreams Of A Geisha is a classic match-three puzzler. You have to line up tiles that feature lotus blossoms, bowls of rice, bonsai trees, and every other Japanese cliche you can think of. The backgrounds are filled with cherry trees and pagodas. Ichisumi pops up now and again, taking a break from the endless pursuit of aesthetic perfection to explain that the Shuffle power-up is ready to use.

There has been some effort to put a spin on the formula: The board can be rotated, and there are four almost slightly different play modes. But this game isn’t going to revolutionize the genre, or even hold a small peaceful demonstration about it on a Wednesday afternoon. What makes Dreams Of A Geisha worthy of note is the presentation. It’s polished and pretty, and it features some lovely plinky-plonky music. This makes for a gentle, absorbing experience and, if you opt for the countdown-free Relaxed mode, a rather soothing one. In fact, it’s so relaxing, it could send you to sleep, if you weren’t still stewing over the inane premise.

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185 Responses to “Sake Wishes And Tobiko Dreams”

  1. AuroraBoreanaz says:

    How odd that the PC version is by far the most expensive…since the only Apple device I own is an iPod Shuffle, guess I’ll have to pass on this one.

  2. Raging Bear says:



  3. PugsMalone says:

    I’m curious as to why geisha costumes don’t seem to be on the long list of fetishized outfits you see in anime.

  4. ClaraCWhitsett says:

    yss the pc version most expensive? :(


    the title reminds me of that Japanese porno featured in Videodrome