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Everybody Bloops

Bloop For iPad has players competing to tap the iPad screen. Fisticuffs optional.

By Derrick Sanskrit • May 16, 2012

The multiplayer experience tends to bring out our competitive spirit. Old friends will flip their personalities in the throes of an intense game of Monopoly. Mild-mannered strangers will scream vulgarities throughout sessions of Call Of Duty. If you really want to test the personal boundaries of your friends and family, pull out the iPad sometime and load up a game of Bloop.

The game takes two to four players, each of whom is assigned a color: Player One taps the orange blocks, Player Two taps the blue, and so on. That’s about it. The rest of the rules are up to the players. Are two hands allowed? All five fingers? What’s the policy on shoving, blocking the screen, smack-talk, and hair-pulling? Maybe the house rule is both hands tied behind your back, tapping squares with your nose—sure, you might concuss yourselves, but at least it would be fun.

After about a minute, the game tallies up all the squares touched and announces its winner. This is almost always immediately followed by one of the participants insisting on another round, which is only a couple of taps away. The minimalist presentation and relative simplicity of Bloop encourages experimentation and demonstrates that sometimes there is more fun to be had off the screen than on.

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380 Responses to “Everybody Bloops”

  1. Effigy_Power says:

    Seems a great game for Apple. In overzealous hands, it will guarantee that the instigator of this game will have to buy a new iPad pretty much every few weeks, at least if my friends are any indication who have managed to break the controllers of my old XBox… yes, the clunky ones.
    I don’t think I’d want those lunatics hammering around on my $500 tablet.

    EDIT: It does look like a lot of fun, but I am seriously worried that it might wreck a lot of tablets.

    • Aaron Riccio says:

      Yeah, I’m imagining how long a digital version of, say, Egyptian Ratscrew or Jungle Speed would last on an iPad before our slapping would absolutely destroy it. 

      Note how I have no compunction about destroying a far more pricey *hand* — an actual iPart — but the moment we discuss destroying an iPad, nope, not going to happen.

  2. Ramon Mujica says:

    So it’s like twister but without the boob and butt touching?

    • LimeadeYouth says:

      As mentioned in the article, those are still possiblities. However, I’m guessing there’s going to be a lot of penis played  games before we get a boob-Bloop.

    • HobbesMkii says:

      Yeah, but if you play this and someone gropes you, you know they really want it bad.

    • caspiancomic says:

       Man, @facebook-650405180:disqus, I was literally going to say pretty much that exact thing. Hat tip to you, you wanted it more.

  3. bunnyvision says:

    Reminds me of Chicanery 

  4. caspiancomic says:

    This is a pretty interesting example, I think, of how things like palette choice and sound effects- often considered the most superficial aspects of design in something as complicated as a videogame- are actually supremely important. I wonder how long Rusty Moyher (…is that a person, or like a company?…) sat around experimenting to find the exact perfect shades of orange and blue that complemented each other and stood out from each other enough that nobody would ever mistake their colour for someone else’s. I wonder if colour blind people can play, or if they can, do they always have to choose one colour that they can see properly. How many different “families” of sound effects did he (they?) try out before deciding that the titular “bloops” provided the perfect payoff for correctly touching your own colour, and remained neutral enough that they wouldn’t get grating after two or ten or thirty games? Does every colour provide its own distinct sound when touched? If not, why not?

    You know, sometimes I think I might be thinking too hard about 99 cent iPad games.

    (POSTSCRIPT!: Tell me I’m not the only person who thought this game would be about this “bloop.”

    • Merve says:

      This is exactly why we need more video games about exploring the ocean depths.

      • Effigy_Power says:

         I am as baffled as you are about this… such an alien, secretive and unknown place… and they send us to frackin’ Pandora? What a waste…