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Snow Day

A descendant of the old Windows game SkiFree, Ski Safari brings the infinite-sprint formula back to the slopes.

By Ellie Gibson • May 15, 2012

Does the world really need another iPad game about running through an endless landscape while avoiding things and collecting stuff? No, of course not. But nor does the world need more Scandinavian crime thrillers or hot dog-stuffed pizza crusts. Ski Safari is just as superfluous, and just as hard to put down.

The game stars a cute little skier called Sven. He is awfully jolly for someone trying to outrun a massive avalanche. Tapping the screen makes Sven jump, while tapping and holding makes him perform a back flip. As he zooms up and down the snowy slopes, Sven can catch a ride with penguins, Yetis, runaway snowmobiles, and the like. There are coins to collect and boulders to avoid, along with the obligatory, ever-increasing list of side objectives to complete for a score-multiplying bonus. 

Every collision and fumbled landing brings the avalanche closer. It inevitably engulfs poor Sven and his adorable bobble hat, cutting off his oxygen supply and creating a build-up of carbon dioxide which poisons his respiratory system even as he struggles to gulp down one final desperate breath. But who cares, time for one more go! And one more and one more and oh dear the sky has changed color. Yes, Ski Safari is that kind of game. It’s also the kind of game it’s easy to abandon after a week, and hard to remember after a month. In the meantime, it provides a few hours of penguin-riding, self-asphyxiating fun.

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2,297 Responses to “Snow Day”

  1. Mike Mariano says:

    I wish there was a SkiFree spinoff where you play as the Yeti.  I want to eat skiers!

    • LimeadeYouth says:

      How hard would it be to create a SkiFree MMORPG where you randomly spawn as a yeti every nth time?

      • Merve says:

        There are not enough games where you get to play as a Yeti. In fact, there aren’t enough games where you get to play as a monster, period. Why aren’t there any Sasquatch games? Or Loch Ness Monster games? Or Chupacabras games?

        • caspiancomic says:

          In the PS2 fighting game War of the Monsters you do nothing but play as monsters. It’s kinda like Rampage meets Power Stone, and the playable monsters are basically store brand versions of every pulp 60s and 70s radioactive monster/giant robot/kaiju/alien invasion monster you care to name.

        • LimeadeYouth says:

          I could see a sasquatch game where the objective is to try to appear to as many cryptozoologists as possible without allowing them to prove your existence or instead causing them to prove the existence of something that isn’t real.

  2. Merve says:

    Wait. Hot-dog-stuffed pizza crust is a thing? Why was I not informed of this marvellous invention?