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What does it look like when the world is ruled by supervillains? Judging by Super Villainy, it looks like Asteroids.

By Noah Cruickshank • May 10, 2012

There’s something absurd about a team of supervillains. Superheroes have good reasons to help each other: they share goals and usually a common enemy. On the other hand, villains should set out to murder each other, in addition to their virtuous foes. They can’t all rule the world. Super Villainy takes this point to its logical conclusion, creating a universe where the earth is destroyed and every superhero has been defeated. The villains are left to fight it out for supremacy, and it gets ugly.

The game imagines this post-hero world in a series of aerial dogfights in the style of Asteroids. You battle first against lowly minions, then against the various self-styled supervillains vying for power. As if to underscore the chaos of a world without good guys, the levels are disordered and frenetic. The only way to survive is to zoom around the playing field, blasting enemies with a rocket launcher and picking up as much gold as possible for power-ups.

Since the game is so short, Super Villainy ends up being one exhilarating rush, with an endless mode as the player’s final prize. That is fitting, considering the battle for dominion in this world would probably be ceaseless as well.

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368 Responses to “Triumph Of Evil”

  1. LimeadeYouth says:

    Oh great, “More from Gameological” and “From around the Web”.

    I really did not care for this game at all, although that’s partly because strategy didn’t figure into to it that much: Keep moving and get gold is the limit of it. 

    The other part was sometimes it wasn’t clear where the edges of the game board were. You’d be flying one direction to avoid randomly popping enemies, and you’d come to a dead stop for no apparent reason, only to get blasted.

    • JosephLillo says:

      Yeah, this game got old quickly, especially after it became about two directives above all others:

      1) Pummel the golden skulls until you have enough money for the healing helpers.
      2) After acquiring all healing helpers, coast to the end.

      Oh, and taking a hit to get “inside” a boss and let off your super made them pretty easy.

  2. caspiancomic says:

    I’ve always felt like if I was to become a supervillain, I would wear a velvet suit everyday and fly around in a zeppelin shaped like a question mark. Then again, I’ve always said I’d do the same thing if I was a deranged millionaire. Maybe there isn’t much difference.