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The Eurogameological E3 Podcast: Day One

The Eurogameological E3 Podcast: Day 1

We dissect Microsoft’s train wreck and search for the bright spots in a strange start to E3.

By John Teti • June 5, 2012

The Gameological Society is joining forces with Eurogamer this year for a daily podcast from the Electronic Entertainment Expo, which we have deemed the Eurogameological E3 Podcast. For three magical days, Eurogamer’s review editor, Oli Welsh, and I will be joined by a mystery guest—it’s GamesIndustry editor Matt Martin on today’s installment—as we make sense of the past 24 hours. If you happened to listen to the Eurogamer E3 podcasts that I hosted last year, the Eurogameological podcast is a continuation of that tradition.

We open the first day’s podcast with—what else—Microsoft’s historically awful press conference, most notable for a stretch in which the company unveiled one misbegotten home-entertainment initiative after another. And for a strange paucity of video games. Then it’s on to Sony with its magical Move spell books, and Nintendo, which has outmaneuvered its foes by positioning itself to get both the first and the last word in the E3 media frenzy. Plus: Heavy Rain creator David Cage’s new game, the South Park fellows, and more.

Of all the games websites in the world that I don’t personally edit, Eurogamer is my favorite. They have comprehensive coverage of the show all week, so give them a look if you’re not already a reader.

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  1. Binsbein says:

    Save us, Reggie.


    the con is on! place ya bets!

  3. Disco Stu says:

    Curmudgeonly much, John?  I’m speaking in reference to your reaction to Miiverse.  Nintendo is usually pretty good about letting you opt of those types of things.

  4. Are we going to get a murder count for Ubisoft’s conference? Because that has to be pretty up there…