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Beat The Interns!

Episode 5: Beat The Interns

Are you smarter than a Gameological intern?

By John Teti • July 6, 2012

The podcast returns from a brief hiatus compelled by the forces of justice (I had jury duty) with some of my favorite guests. If everything is hooked up correctly, a widget should show up right here, and you can have a listen.

First, Scott Jones and I reflect on how we’ve integrated games into our relationships—or not. Second, we play Beat The Interns (not literally), and you can play along at home. Match your wits against the finest that our summer interns have to offer. And the podcast wraps up with Ellie Gibson; she and I talk about games that we keep playing despite the fact that they’re boring, among many other things.

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1,095 Responses to “Episode 5: Beat The Interns”

  1. Limeade Youth says:

    Egad, I’m picturing Pete Strackmeier themed porn:

    “First, connect wires between the tv set and the unit until EVERY hole in the console is filled”

  2. Brainstrain91 says:

    “No final fantasy game is better than you.”

    If you can find a girl who both gets that it’s a compliment and for whom it is true, she’s a keeper.

    Also, John Teti: Stud Fiend.

  3. HobbesMkii says:

    Detective Munch is the glue that ties the Tommy Westphall Multiverse theory together. He was name-checked in Luther and I went “Ooop! There’s that show.”

    I’ve been trying to learn Go by myself, and (like most things I try to teach myself) it’s been going horrible, in particular because the game is literally too complex to be modeled accurately by computers, so there’s almost no software that can run it. The world’s fastest supercomputer would take about five days in order to play its opening move. And my computer is nowhere near that processing power.

  4. BarbleBapkins says:

    My girlfriend isn’t really a “gamer” but she does like to play occasionally, but usually only multiplayer with me and maybe some friends; singleplayer games for the most part don’t really hold her interest for too long.

    However, for about a two month period she was absolutely hooked on Terraria. We started by only playing together, but eventually she must’ve decided I wasn’t progressing through the game fast enough for her liking and she ended up playing for hours a day. When I received a phonecall in the middle of the day from her just to let me know she had found a particularly nice piece of armor, I began to appreciate how much she puts up with my own videogame conversations.

    Also, John, I think you pretty much have to put “John Teti–Stud Fiend” on your tombstone.

    • Aurora Boreanaz says:

      I played Terraria for about six weeks straight then got bored with it.  Several months later I got Minecraft, and have now been hooked on it for 2-3 months.  Despite their very similar premises, I like the 3D first-person version more.

  5. Mooy says:

    I got beaten pretty handily in that quiz (only 4 points.) I do question why Adam Jensen, a man with shades built into his face, would ever visit a sunglass store. I always figured him for a Forever 21 guy.

    • Merve says:

      I was going to post the exact same thing about Adam Jensen, but then I thought that maybe the Sunglass Hut of the future will start selling sunglass augmentations.

  6. Merve says:

    Speaking of the issue of female reporters being treated differently from male ones at gaming conventions, there’s an interesting Kotaku article on the subject:

  7. HilariousNPC says:

    I got 5. I’m not sure where that stacks up against the interns, because I wasn’t really tracking their scores.

  8. Mike Ayala says:

    I got 5 points. Near matched NY Matt, but never played animal crossing and got that one wrong.

  9. Girard says:

    I kind of wish Monopoly had a “Pass Ohio, get $200” square…

  10. MattKodner says:

    ahhhhhh i just remembered I’m not New York Matt – WhOoPs! Chicago Matt out!

  11. Fyodor Douchetoevsky says:

    John Teti: Stud Fiend

    My girlfriend likes to play videogames, though not as much as me. I’m sure I’ve talked about this on here before, how we don’t really play games online unless it can be us two only, but whatever. There are a ton of games on the Wii with really fun local multiplayer, so that’s great. She was really into The House of the Dead Overkill, which was a lot of fun. We did play Minecraft online for a bit, but using other people’s servers became too frustrating.

  12. Tilden_Katz says:

    Why would you blow your earthquake cooldown just to kill a few trash mobs?

    And apparently run out of it, then jump back in? I, sir, call your whole approach into question.

  13. Mike Mariano says:

    Americans might know Battersea Power Station if they are recovering Pink Floyd fanatics.