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You Don't Know Olympic Fever

Episode 6: You Don’t Know Olympic Fever

Mrs. Teti returns to review the Facebook version of You Don’t Know Jack, and Ellie Gibson uses four-letter words to describe the London Olympics.

By John Teti • July 20, 2012

This week, my mom returns with another Facebook game review—specifically, the Facebook edition of You Don’t Know Jack (which I think is great, but you’ll have to listen to find out what Mom thinks). After that, podcast regular and Eurogamer veteran Ellie Gibson joins me. It’s well known by now that we don’t approve of trolling on Gameological, but I have to admit I trolled Ellie a little bit by having her on to talk about the Olympics. She lives in London, though! She’s right in the thick of it, as she will ruefully inform you.

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192 Responses to “Episode 6: You Don’t Know Olympic Fever”

  1. If she’s playing Bejeweled Blitz (which I haven’t in some time), then the deer on the side shows up as you achieve higher score multipliers.

    Loser Wheel in YDKJ only shows up when you achieve a negative total score, not just finishing last. That way your Booty score always increases. Note that I haven’t seen this phenomenon yet, but I _have_ finished last.

    • Bowen Kerins says:

      In one game, it wasn’t going so well as I entered Jack Attack, so I deliberately tried to go as negative as possible during it. That means buzzing on every wrong answer and skipping the right one.  I ended the game at -$44,200… it was awesome.

    • missmoxie says:

      Thanks, Chris! I appreciate the help.

    • And today I ran into questions that forced me into my first ever Loser Wheel… and finished 5th place in doing so. Even better? The player who finished 6th was the only one of my friends in the game, so that technically counts as a win for me in our head-to-head count.

  2. Spacemonkey Mafia says:

    I was on the Vita store yesterday and saw it was advertising game discounts, which got me super excited.  Uncharted?  Wipeout?  Nope, it was in honor of the Olympic games.
       It’s like seeing a sale at the ice cream store and finding out it’s only on napkin dispensers. 

  3. My fiancee just got me You Don’t Know Jack for the Wii and we’ve been playing it constantly (which makes sense, we met in Scholar’s Bowl in middle school, which is like interscholastic team Jeopardy). I’ll have to give the Facebook version a try.

    • Girard says:

       I am excited to learn that YDKJ Wii exists, but worried that, due to its UI limitations, it doesn’t include may favorites – the Gibberish Questions. Are they a part of the game, still?

      • I looked it up, and it appears that the Gibberish Questions are only in the PC versions of the game. That does, however, include the new Facebook version.

      • The Wii version is exactly the same as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions, minus the DLC episodes and online multiplayer. No Gibberish Questions, but wonderfully smart, funny, and well-produced. The “Nocturnal Admissions” and “Wrong Answer Of The Game” questions are exclusive to this version (so far) and it introduced the “Cookie’s Fortune Cookie Fortunes With Cookie ‘Fortune Cookie’ Masterson,” “Put The Answers Into Order Then Buzz In And See If You Are Right Question,” and “Funky Trash” questions that have carried over to the Facebook game.

  4. Mooy says:

    I can’t tell if the things I’m that picture ar Olympic mascots or monsters from a Power Rangers episode set in London.

    • HobbesMkii says:

       Power Rangers monsters. I know because they look a lot like the aliens that probed me.

  5. Merve says:

    Teti, your mom is awesome, but I won’t have anyone sully the name of the glorious sport of biathlon.

  6. Mike Mariano says:

    Ellie Gibson is hilarious: “He drinks coffee out of tiny, tiny cups.”

    Her talents are wasted on Eurogamer!