Archive for July, 2012

  • Ashes To Ashes, Mud To Mud: Behind the art of Idle Worship

    Ashes To Ashes, Mud To Mud: Behind the art of Idle Worship

    Jeff Hyman’s Idle Games studio is trying to succeed with a Facebook game that looks good. The gave us a look behind the scenes at their creative process.

  • Chunkadelic

    The Internet Eats Its Young

    Chunkadelic remixes the classics. Can you get to that?

  • Malicious

    Death And Destruction

    Knock down walls and kill tons of bosses in this week’s releases.

  • Enslaved

    Happiness In Slavery

    Enslaved doesn’t want you to cast off those shackles just yet.

  • Drakensang Online

    Money For Nothing

    The fantasy game Drakensang Online follows the well-worn tourist-trap model.

  • Heroes Of Ruin

    Hero Uncomplex

    Heroes Of Ruin oversimplifies what could have been a rich, multiplayer portable RPG.

  • Limbo & Radiohead's Amnesiac

    Shades Of Gray: Limbo & Radiohead’s Amnesiac

    “I want you to know he’s not coming back.”

  • QWOP

    Good QWOP, Bad QWOP

    Highlights from the week’s comment threads.

  • You Don't Know Olympic Fever

    Episode 6: You Don’t Know Olympic Fever

    Mrs. Teti returns to review the Facebook version of You Don’t Know Jack, and Ellie Gibson uses four-letter words to describe the London Olympics.

  • Tiny Wings

    Reasonable Birds

    Tiny Wings gets an upgrade, but not an evolutionary one.

  • Fruzsina Eördögh

    Fruzsina Eördögh, YouTube reporter

    The online video maven gets a high from collaborating with strangers in online games.

  • The Ville

    Home Improvement

    Zynga’s The Ville takes aim at The Sims Social and misses.

  • Dyad

    The Colour And The Shape

    Dyad combines puzzles and racing for a synesthetic trip down the hole.