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Zelda The Welder

Wind Welder

Zelda The Welder finds the fun in playing with molten metal.

By Drew Toal • July 13, 2012

There has always been only one Zelda, and the princess of Hyrule has been skating by on her celebrity and inherited title for far too long. The proletarian revolution has finally arrived, led by Zelda The Welder. This other Zelda—self-proclaimed “best welder in the world”—loves her work. As the game begins, she dutifully battles a hangover and gets to her place of business, because people are counting on her.

You tackle increasingly difficult welding projects in a certain amount of time. You saw off the backs of things like clocks and bombs, evaluate the problem, and weld a solution. (Because you have to stay within the lines, the game is a little easier if you use a mouse rather than a laptop trackpad.) There is a measure of socialist realism here, as Zelda presents herself as a working-class superhero, but the game is cute in a way that Maxim Gorky’s writing is not. It’s presented in a tweeny, anime-inspired style that pokes fun at itself. Who knew that welding could be so utterly charming? Unfortunately, Zelda The Welder is a very short affair, perhaps owing to fewer jobs, a zealous union-busting governor, or increased mechanization in the field. Facing the harsh realities of this economy, she might soon have to change her name to Zelda The Real Estate Broker.

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24 Responses to “Wind Welder”

  1. George_Liquor says:

     The Zeldas control the means of production!

  2. Aaron Riccio says:

    This game really needs a full-screen mode; by the second level, I could barely tell what I was doing. The tutorials are most unhelpful, too, because they don’t close on their own, so they often obfuscate what you need to do and cost you valuable time to close. 

    More importantly, and I may just be an idiot, but Level 3 appears to be broken. Nothing happens when I follow instructions, and it will not allow me to cut any wires. (EDIT: It’s officially a glitch. Unless you weld the orange circuit first, you cannot complete this level.)

    All said and done, the game’s rather short, too. Three levels? I could see this being fleshed out, Elite Beat Agents style, on the DS or something (where the lines might be thick enough), but be it on a computer or mouse, it’s just not presented solidly enough. Even a more compelling story can’t really help this one as is.

    • Brainstrain91 says:

      It’s kind-of broken, but mostly just obtuse. You click with the cutter on the color of wire at the bottom which the circle at the top turns the color of once all four circuits are welded. If that makes sense.

      • Aaron Riccio says:

        Yes, it turns orange. Unless you start by welding orange, it won’t allow you to cut orange later. Or at least, that’s what happened to me and a few of the other people commenting on Newgrounds.

    • caspiancomic says:

       Aaahhhh, that explains it. I got to level three and was doing swimmingly (Wacom tablet pen stands in pretty handsomely for an arc welder), but after getting a certain amount of the way through the third level I lost all ability to do… anything. None of my tools worked, and I just sat there watching the timer count down like a nonce. Interesting idea (reminded me of the Trauma Centre games), but crap execution.

      • Aaron Riccio says:

        In terms of gameplay, Dead Space has a more enjoyable usage of the Arc Welder. And let’s be honest. In a fight between Isaac and Zelda, we know which one will truly be the best welder in the world . . . assuming he doesn’t have a psychotic break in the process.

    • Boonehams says:

      I agree.  I can honestly say that this is the first time that I’ve been flat-out annoyed by an online Flash game. I guess the fact that it’s a Game Jam game kind of allows me to be more receptive, but the controls are too finicky and they don’t give you enough time. I felt like if I screwed up once, it was over, and given how this game is pretty much all story and you can’t skip the cutscenes, there was no reason for me to go back and try it again.
      All in all, I didn’t like this game. Maybe if they, like you said, had a full screen mode and fleshed it out/play-tested it more, I’d give it another shot.

  3. Chip Dipson says:

    It was fun, but needs a little fine-tuning and more stuff to do before it can compete with the likes of Amateur Surgeon.

  4. Tarranon Sel says:

    cute game, i really liked the little intro scenes despite myself.  anyone have any clue what the secret medal is? i got four by doing the game regularly but i am compelled to know what it is!

  5. ben riley says:

    now somebody just needs to make a zelda fitzgerald game