Archive for August, 2012

  • Ico and Amy

    Just The Two Of Us: Ico and Amy

    A legendary and somewhat less legendary execution of the damsel-in-distress story.

  • GenCon

    Better Than The Virtual Boy

    Highlights from the week’s comment threads.

  • Planet Floop

    The Not-So-Great Escape

    Planet Floop makes you an accomplice in the galaxy’s biggest jailbreak.

  • Brian Stelter

    Brian Stelter, reporter

    The New York Times reporter talks Halo multiplayer and freelancing for IGN at 15.

  • Slender

    Don’t Look Now

    Slender evokes the primal terror of the woods at night.

  • Darksiders II

    Deathly Quiet

    Darksiders II is chattier than its predecessor at first, but it quickly gives in to the silence.

  • GenCon

    The Games Gen Con People Play

    Attendees of a gigantic games convention share their favorites from a weekend of play.

  • Perspective

    Walk With The Animals

    Perspective won’t let you think like your pet, but it will make you want to try.

  • Justified

    Fantasy Adaptations

    What work would you like to see adapted into a game?

  • Argument Champion


    Argument Champion tests your ability to work the echo chamber of mob opinion.

  • Dark Souls

    Die Trying

    Whether it’s the fast deaths in a modern series, or the slow death of an old series, it’s a deadly week of new releases.

  • Papo & Yo

    Earnest Rides Again

    Papo & Yo demonstrates the limits of good intentions.

  • Bionic Commando

    Bionic Commando (1988): “Area 5”

    A perilous tower at sunset exemplifies the heart of Capcom’s early ambitions.