Archive for August, 2012

  • Darksiders II

    Give In To The Darkside

    Darksiders II headlines a week of menacing releases.

  • London Olympics Finale

    Grandad Finale

    London waves goodbye after a wonderful Olympic fortnight and finds a load of stuff to moan about after all.

  • Wing Commander III

    Maybe Something Bad, Maybe Something Good

    Wing Commander III resists the temptation of the History Eraser Button.

  • Give Up

    The Art Of Failure

    Give Up is a lesson in winning by losing.

  • Symphony

    I Can Shoot The Music

    Symphony turns your own music library into psychedelic space combat.

  • EA Medal Of Honor partners page

    Partners In Arms

    In their quest for realism, military shooters have ventured into murky moral territory.

  • Digest comic by Effigy Power

    Viscount Teti And Baron Von Heisler Go Way Back

    Highlights from the week’s comment threads.

  • Heaven On Earth

    Heaven On Earth

    London’s gay men scoop up the hot Olympic ticket, and a BBC basketball commentator gets very angry at a basketball.

  • Super Adventure Pals

    Perilous Adventure

    Super Adventure Pals begins innocently enough but quickly turns evil.

  • Beat The Interns II

    Episode 7: Beat The Interns II

    A new chance to test your mettle against the Gameological interns. Plus: Ellie Gibson accosts an Olympic athlete, sort of!

  • Jay Caspian Kang

    Jay Caspian Kang, writer

    The Grantland contributor claims to be the worst Korean StarCraft player on earth.

  • 10000000


    You know what they say: If you try and fail 9,999,999 times…try 10000000.

  • The Digest: The Political Machine 2012

    Games Of July 2012: The Political Machine 2012

    Pretending to be Mitt Romney is pretty fun. Who would have guessed?