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Walk With The Animals

Perspective won’t let you think like your pet, but it will make you want to try.

By Anthony John Agnello • August 22, 2012

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The hard part of being a pet owner: Not anthropomorphizing your companion. Sprinkles is not a person! She has feelings and needs but she doesn’t think of them in abstract terms. Animals have a different perspective, and that’s the premise of Perspective. As the dog in this game, you can turn snakes into boxes or spikes into coins just by shifting your point of view. Sure, most dogs can’t do that. And most dogs don’t follow their masters through a series of bizarre jumping challenges in some kind of underground dungeon, either. Perspective is, however, an affecting little game that captures that fundamental difference in point of view between human and pet.

You control a colorful mutt with a skill for jumping. The goal is to reach your friend, the old lady, standing at the exit of each self-contained stage. To get there, though, you have to avoid obstacles like deadly snakes. By changing your perspective with the push of a button, these perils become harmless—a snake turns into a crate, for instance. Finding the safe path isn’t always as easy as it seems, as the snakes and bats aren’t exactly eager to cooperate. The difficulty ramps up dramatically when you begin controlling multiple dogs at the same time.

The dog’s narration reveals a tender past. Coupled with Jorge Boscan’s quiet piano melody and the nicely animated characters, an otherwise tense game of precision action becomes touching and contemplative. Perspective may not let you think like your pet, but it will make you at least try.

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468 Responses to “Walk With The Animals”

  1. Brainstrain says:

    Difficulty curve is more of a vertical line. And I guess the dog has little booties on or something? He was slip-sliding everywhere. It’s a cute game, but not much fun.

  2. Mooy says:

    That last level was pretty difficult, but the ending is pretty great.

  3. caspiancomic says:

    I made it to the level in the screenshot before suddenly becoming too dumb to progress. It was pretty interesting while it lasted, though. How far from the end was I?

  4. RidleyFGJ says:

    I want to love more indie games than I currently do, but having some good thematic ideas does not mean you shouldn’t ignore simple things like “hitboxes” or “consistent platforming physics.” Some people think they add to their charm, but I just think they make them bad games. First Papo & Yo, now this.

  5. shouji694 says: