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Perilous Adventure

Super Adventure Pals begins innocently enough but quickly turns evil.

By Steve Heisler • August 10, 2012

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Given how sugary-sweet Super Adventure Pals’ outer shell looks, it’s surprising just how bitter its world can be. You start as a small boy wearing a floppy baseball cap and carrying around a stuffed giraffe, wandering around a world full of lush trees and shiny gold coins. Sure, you have a little wooden sword, but how bad can things get?

Pretty bad, it turns out. You venture out into worlds infested with spikes, gorillas, and guys that look like the Kool-Aid Man (but full of bombs instead of sugar water). All the while, pleasant music plays as if you’re on one of the bonus levels of Super Mario World, even as you make critical jumps and dodge exploding blocks like a sadistic level of Mega Man.

Luckily, Super Adventure Pals has a sense of humor about himself. That menacing first boss you’ve seen looming in the distance? Merely a big fish inside a giant tank. That terrifying old man in Treevale, the town that serves as your home base? Just looking for his lucky Speedo. And that adorable stuffed giraffe? It turns out he gains abilities as you play, making him as essential as the sword you carry. Looks can be deceiving.

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20 Responses to “Perilous Adventure”

  1. Aurora Boreanaz says:

    I’ve been playing this off and on for about a week.  It’s fun!  Obviously similar to Adventure Time.  Your health and damage level up as you go, and you buy special abilities with blue gems you get from replaying past levels.

    Some of the levels in the second act are a REAL pain in the ass.  I still have the most difficulty doing wall jumps without hitting spike fields above or below me.

    On the upside, you have unlimited lives, you just get a lower “grade” on the level if you die a lot.  You can replay it for a better score later, and for the aforementioned blue gems.

    • caspiancomic says:

       Yeah, I noticed similarities to Adventure Time pretty much instantly. I count that as a huge plus though!

  2. Colonel says:

    So I tried entering the final stage without all the rubies and I was rewarded by being teleported out of the playable area of the map.  Pretty cool…I guess.

  3. caspiancomic says:

    Hurray! I had a pretty good time with this guy. I just cleared the final boss (in quotation marks?) but I’m only at like 70% completion, so I’m going to have a wander and see what else I can get done. Also, giraffe laser.