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Staff Meeting

In the series finale, Arthur M. Gameological III weighs in on a truly unique piece of loot from Skyrim.

By Jason Reich • September 20, 2012

Though many of the artifacts in our “Best Treasure Ever” bracket have magical effects, none of them can hold a candle to the magic that happens when Pete Strackmeier and Arthur M. Gameological III join forces. In this fourth and final installment of the Old-Time Treasure Appraise Show, Mr. Gameological explains the provenance of an item from the world of Oblivion and Skyrim, while Pete Strackmeier returns to do whatever it is he does.

(In case you missed it: In Monday’s inaugural episode, we appraised the Super Mario Bros. 3 Warp Whistle, Tuesday featured the “I Would Have Been Your Daddy” Skull from Halo, and yesterday brought an encounter with a Red Dead Redemption Death Horse.)

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1,314 Responses to “Staff Meeting”

  1. Aurora Boreanaz says:

    “2000 Septims?  I could get more than that just by randomly wabbajacking things until they became money!  I won’t part with it for less than five sacks of potatoes, two horses, three concubines and a Los Angeles bus token!”

    Alternatively, “I wabbajack any time I see Aela the Huntress!”

    Finally, the sweet roll bit was comedy gold!  Nice work!

    • John Teti says:

      Thank you, and thanks for all the encouraging comments people left throughout the week on the series. We worked hard on it and it really feels awesome when the people who enjoy it take the time to give a thumbs-up. Helps give us the energy to keep trying to do cool/fun stuff.

      • Jason Reich says:

        Seconded. I’m glad the readers enjoyed these – they were a blast to put together. Thanks for all the great comments.

        Also, since we sadly didn’t get to hear it in this one…all together now…

        JOYstick MAStuhrrrrrrrrr…

        • Aurora Boreanaz says:

          Also, from the first episode, Pete gesturing to the top of the screen as the title appears at the bottom.

          Oh, and “Direct-to-VHS Joystick Master”

        • Fixda Fernback says:

          @AuroraBoreanaz:disqus That was easily one of my biggest LOL moments in the series (the misdirected gesture), which is saying something because this series was just fucking amazing.

      • Effigy_Power says:

        More importantly, that sweetroll was responsible for voting up the Tanoki suit, so justice has been done.
        Long live the Wabbajack.

      • The Tuck Pendleton Machine says:

        This series was delightful.

        Well done to all involved!  And I don’t say that often.

      • When this site was announced, I knew it would rapidly become the smartest and classiest gaming site on the net. You’ve also managed to become the most fun gaming site on the net, too. This has been one amazing week.

    • blue vodka lemonade says:

       What a delicious sweetroll.

      Also, because this is basically the entire reason I post here (not really,) could I call on the wisdom of the ancients/commentariat to explain Aela the Huntress? There are a lot of marriageable ladytypes in Skyrim, so why is that one such an Internet Thing?

      • HobbesMkii says:

        The Internet thrives on exposed werewolf sideboob.

      • Aurora Boreanaz says:

        I was just attempting to make a phrase similar to the AV Club comment section’s “I jerk off whenever I see Anne Hathaway!”

        I have seen several discussions about whether or not Aela is attractive, most going back and forth about whether the face paint is the only reason she is.

        I think – it’s a video game.  And the hottest woman in it doesn’t speak and gets murdered a day after you meet her.

      • Effigy_Power says:

        Mjoll the Lioness. Mjoll the Lioness. Mjoll the Lioness. MJOLL THE LIONESS!!!

        Also I wabbajacked Aela and she turned into a turnip.

        • blue vodka lemonade says:

           Mjoll The Lioness kind of scares me, but also kind of reminds me of Daryl Hannah.

          The straight dudes and lesbians of Skyrim definitely get a better selection than the bro-oriented do, I must say.

        • Fluka says:

          @green_gin_rickey:disqus Why do all the men look like they were constructed out of dirty leather??

          And why the hell can’t I marry Brynjolf?!

        • GaryX says:

          @Fluka:disqus I mean, people living in the wilds like that are going to look fucking weathered no mater what.

        • Effigy_Power says:

          Trust me, if Mjoll had had any personality left after I gave her her stupid sword left, she’d have been my big, handsome bride.
          As it stands she had precious little to contribute after I wiggled away to get her sword.
          I feel used.

    • sirslud says:

      Agreed, I loved em all but this was the best of the bunch.

  2. ShrikeTheAvatar says:

    These are great.  Just the right mixture of “reference” humor, absurdity, and great acting.

    Are the people acting opposite Arthur actors or just volunteer friends?

  3. Girard says:

    I hope that furiously noshing Pete Strackmeier is a teaser for the upcoming Teti/Strackmeier episode of The Digest.

  4. HobbesMkii says:

    This could be just what the Wabbajack needs to catapult it into the lead by 10:00PM!

    • dmikester says:

      I was just about to say, I haven’t been all *that* enthusiastic about the Wabbajack in the tournament, but this was great and got me into its corner.  Now hopefully, since I’m a fan, I won’t get turned into a sweetroll or a copy of the Grey’s Anatomy game.

      • HobbesMkii says:

         I made this statement before I realized that the Skyrim Nexus had flooded the poll, and now I feel bad about how easily it appears the Wabbajack is skating towards victory.

        • Effigy_Power says:

          Is that what that was? I was wondering how the ‘jack suddenly jumped…
          “Nixon trails with one vote. It’s 7:59 and here comes the robot vote. And the robot vote is in. Nixon wins.”
          “A head in the polls” is the episode that keeps on giving.

  5. Spacemonkey Mafia says:

    Arthur M. Gameological III is a goddamn national treasure.  Why isn’t he hosting the Tony Awards this year?

  6. Mugglefucker says:

    All I know is this bitch turned the Dwemer Centurion outside the elevator to Blackreach into a sweetroll so everything else can go fuck itself.

  7. “And ‘that’ is not a word I say often”.

    I lol’d so verily hard to that. I did not see it coming.

  8. caspiancomic says:


  9. Citric says:

    When was the last great moments in voice acting? I miss that, though I enjoy Arthur M. Gameological III interacting with other people.

  10. doyourealize says:

    Best one yet, I have to say. There’s even a little story that goes along with, Strackmeier you cannibal you.

  11. Fixda Fernback says:

    Hahaha, “I’m sorry… are you saying words? Is that a word, that you’re saying?”

  12. Jacob Gaston says:

    let me guess somebody stole your sweet role 

  13. Famous_Original_Feigenbaum says:

    I used to be the Champion of Cyrodiil, but then I took an arrow to the brain.

  14. Is it me or Mr. Arthur M. Gamelogical III really looks like Sheogorath?

    • I wonder when he read the script, was he like “What the hell is this… wabbajack? why do I have to say it 3 times”. Note: Saying anything more then once makes it funni #TruStory. The guy’s a true thespian. 

  15. Ha… sad that he ate her brother.. ahh thus is the cycle of Life #WabbaJack #LoL | Humorous & Klassy Video.