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Angel Of The Battlefield II

Run Rabbit Run

Angel Of The Battlefield II takes the horror out of the military medical profession, and adds cuteness.

By Drew Toal • September 26, 2012

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It’s safe to say that battlefield medics have one of the more undesirable occupations around. Not only must they have the mental resilience to withstand being constantly shot at without returning fire, but they also must work under less-than-optimal medical conditions, preventing scared kids from bleeding out in a foreign land. No level of excellent dental coverage is worth that.

Angel Of The Battlefield II masks the seriousness of the topic in cartoony facade. You’re a cute-looking rabbit medic who must rescue down, equally cute rabbit pilots through 20 increasingly difficult levels. You must evade traps, trains, acorn artillery and other obstacles, retrieve the injured pilot, and get him back to the medical tent.

This adorable bunny war is clearly a lot more fun than its real-life alternative. Help isn’t going to come choppering in any time soon, so you have to use that little rabbit brain of yours to get soldiers home. Even the simpler-looking later levels require persistence, some degree of strategic thinking, and a highly developed sense of split-second timing. As you duck under trains, deactivate lasers, hop over pits, and dodge acorn shells, remember to leave no furry animals behind.

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13 Responses to “Run Rabbit Run”

  1. HobbesMkii says:

    I’m afraid to play this, as I fear that any attempt to engage in anything to do with the combination of rabbits and war will result in traumatic flashbacks to my childhood, when I watched the animated film version of Watership Down and was irrevocably scarred for life by the horrors of bunny warfare.

    • Aurora Boreanaz says:

      I was going to ask if you were related to a former vengeance demon named Anya?

    • Matt Kodner says:

      Similarly staying away from this bunny shit. 

      When I was three my parents took me to a community theatre’s adaptation of Bunnicula. For the unfamiliar, Bunnicula is the story of a vampiric rabbit who feeds on the juice of unsuspecting carrots. That’s it. 

      Throughout the show I had never been more terrified in my life, and was bawling the entire time. After it was over, the entire cast came to calm me down, and convince me it was all make believe. But I did not stop crying because I knew Bunnicula was going to kill and drain me as soon as I went to sleep that night. End of story. My parents never took me to lite-children’s horror theater again. 

      Fuck that bunny. 

  2. Effigy_Power says:

    “Preventing scared kids from bleeding out in a foreign land […] you’re a cute-looking rabbit.”

    Drew Toal

    Ladies and Gentlemen. The ramblings of a mustachioed madman. All in one article.

  3. Just a note to the budget-conscious/Android-using Gamelogicals, today some choice apps are 25 cents on the Google Play Store.  Snagged the paid version of Draw Something and Angry Birds Space today!  Should be new apps reduced every day for the next five days.

  4. Xtracurlyfries says:

    Angel of the Battlefield 3: The Sound and the Furry