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Kitty Punch shows us that catnip is awesome.

By Derrick Sanskrit • September 25, 2012

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I dated a furry once. I never questioned her motives, it was just something she was into. But my mind raced: Do the ears and tail make any difference if you’re still doing all the same things you’d do if those accessories weren’t there? Is it somehow better because their presence is making you ask that question? There was something alluring about her confidence to properly embody another character.

Kitty Punch is a game about an equally confident man cosplaying as a domesticated kitty cat. Got that? The player is a grown man in a fuzzy cat suit, batting at toys above his head with his paws until time runs out and your score is immortalized. His costume is one of those full-body footsie pajamas everyone wore in Home Movies. There are also unlockable outfits including Frog, Ninja, Santa, and Gundam Kitty Cat, so all major fetishes are accounted for.

Lifestyle choices aside, this part of the game is still pretty rational and conservative compared to the bonus “party mode”, which clutters the screen with bodybuilder cats, ice skating cats, Angry Birds cats, and a Nyan Cat army, among others, while you emit fireballs and gold coins rain from the heavens in a catnip fever dream. (This might explain why my roommate’s cat gets so amped up whenever we give him treats.) Kitty Punch is surreal, but enticing, with enough toys to encourage repeat plays. Like dating a furry, it can seem inherently ridiculous, until you simply decide to go with the flow.

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735 Responses to “Costume Play”

  1. Effigy_Power says:

    Right… so “catnip” is code for a seriously big drop of acid, right?

  2. B.K. says:

    The sheer insanity of this game makes it strangely captivating.

    I unlocked the frog costume and felt pride.

  3. RTW says:

    I attended a furry convention in moral support of a friend once. For me the easiest comparison is to hippies—maybe they look and/or smell weird, and they’re into things that are beyond most people’s most basic faculties of comprehension, but the vast majority of them are extremely nice, polite, and cordial, and were very open once I revealed myself as a detached non-judgmental observer. Many of the ones I met and played games with were easy-going and extremely self-aware. Maybe I just ran into the right ones, but that was my experience.

    Also, if you wanted to account for all furry fetishes, you’d throw a fennec in there.

  4. Merve says:

    dafuq did i just play?

  5. dmikester says:

    I….kind of loved this and can’t explain why.  

  6. Girard says:

    I made it to number 19 on the leaderboard thingie! Life is good. Maybe if I get a full body catsuit I’ll be a winner in real life, too!

    Also: If that figure is indeed a man, we can likely upgrade his category of unconventionality to “cross-dressing furry” since calico cats are almost always female (excepting the rare few males who have an XXY chromosomal disorder that allows calico coloring but also brings with it numerous developmental issues).

  7. caspiancomic says:

    Did anyone see that episode of My Strange Addiction with the furry? I think she shared an episode with that woman who ate a couch.

  8. BarbleBapkins says:

    I… am… not sure what is happening.

  9. The_Misanthrope says:

    It looks like someone’s been cribbing  Messhof’s retro-graphics/frantic gameplay  style.

    • Girard says:

       Which itself is cribbed from/contemporaneous to Cactus’s retro-graphics/frantic gameplay  style, which itself is cribbed from actual retro games’ retro-graphics/frantic gameplay style.