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Ray Of Sunshine

SunFlowers might be the friendliest shoot-’em-up ever made.

By Derrick Sanskrit • September 12, 2012

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Before the deluge of annual war shooters and sports simulators, one of the tent posts of distilled game design (move left and right; shoot up at enemies) was Space Invaders. But there was a spookiness to its simplicity. The title—with its implications of invaders, specifically from space—provides a sense of dread, coupled with the stark, monochromatic presentation. If only there were a kinder, gentler, friendlier version for everyone to enjoy…

SunFlowers fills that void with panache. Space Invaders in reverse, players control the sun, shooting clouds to rain onto flowers, keeping them alive. It’s bright! It’s cheerful! It goes on forever until you’ve accidentally burnt your happy flowers or (not in the game) your dinner patiently sitting/burning in the oven.

Space Invaders refuses to personify the hundreds of aliens you murder, whereas SunFlowers is quick to dole out an identity to the flowers you save. You “collect” hundreds of breeds of happy cartoon flowers as if they were Pokémon or Pogs, adding tips to your smile jar. There’s no longer a reason to fear the sky.

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  1. George_Liquor says:

    Invaders! Possibly from space!