Archive for October, 2012

  • Transylvania Girls

    Kiss Of Death

    Transylvania Girls’ hero is looking for love in all the rib cages.

  • Candy

    “It’s chocolate! It’s people! It’s both!”: 21-plus superpowered candies in games

    The many guises of the sugar high.

  • Erie


    The horror mood piece Erie captures the sound of fright

  • Painkiller: Hell And Damnation


    Carnage, hell, damnation, and the theories of Charles Darwin—it’s going to be a spoooooky Halloween.

  • The Hurricane Game

    Five Games To Play In A Hurricane

    Gameological is waiting out a storm, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop playing.

  • They Took Our Candy!

    Sweet Revenge

    They Took Our Candy! So take it back.

  • 007 Legends

    License To Kill

    Film-to-game adaptations tend to be lousy. 007 Legends is six film adaptations in one. You do the math.

  • Hotline Miami

    Heat Wave Of Mutilation

    Hotline Miami has you don a rubber chicken mask and eviscerate the ’80s. Everyone’s had that fantasy, right?

  • Dungeon Defenders

    All You Can Cheat

    Highlights from the week’s comment threads.

  • Rogue Soul

    Runnin’ Down A Dream

    You can stab your way to fame and fortune in Rogue Soul.

  • AJ Lee

    AJ Lee, professional wrestler

    The wrestler talks Metal Gear Solid, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and being a playable character.

  • Devil's Attorney

    Sign Of The Cross-Examination

    Max McMann of Devil’s Attorney isn’t quite as evil as advertised.

  • Tetris Attack

    Flower Power

    Underneath all that peat moss, Tetris Attack has some funky beats.