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Bad Piggies

You Will Believe A Pig Can Fly

Bad Piggies offers a crash course in porcine engineering.

By Adam Volk • October 16, 2012

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With the swine flu epidemic still wreaking havoc and an unprecedented international bacon shortage predicted for 2013, pigs have been getting a bad rep these days. Fortunately, there’s Bad Piggies to restore our faith in porcine-kind. First introduced as the green skinned swine-nemies of the best-selling Angry Birds series, this time out the pigs are front and center, trying to carve out their own little slice of ham-free heaven.

The familiar slingshot mechanic of Angry Birds, however, has been replaced by a physics-based vehicle creation system that’s similar to games such as Fantastic Contraption and Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. Your goal is to MacGyver together your very own vehicle using a set number of pieces, including wheels, bottle rockets, fans, and a variety of other gadgets that allow you to race, fly, and shoot your ramshackle creation down a hill and to the finish line.

Like Angry Birds, the game requires both ingenuity and, at times, some deft hand-eye-coordination to get your porky passenger to their destination. It’s a simple premise that also rewards experimentation, as multiple vehicle combinations are often required to win everything a given level has to offer. In addition, four bonus “sandbox” levels allow for both exploration and pure vehicle building, expanding on a premise that’s already surprisingly deep. Bad Piggies should keep me satiated until the inevitable pork-ocalypse hits.

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315 Responses to “You Will Believe A Pig Can Fly”

  1. Dammit @Merve:disqus , you done beat mah Clean Drivin’ record!

  2. Citric says:

    Has someone done a mobile Incredible Machine? It seems so obvious.

    • His_Space_Holiness says:

      That was a Sierra game, so I imagine the IP’s in limbo since they folded.

      • Citric says:

         It’s weird that Sierra’s gone, they basically published my early childhood. Not just the adventure stuff either, but things like Silpheed and Thexder.

    • ChumJoely says:

      Sure, Rovio has.  It’s called “Amazing Alex”.  So the question is more, why are they doing it again less than 6 months later, but with pigs.  (Likely answer: The Angry Birds franchise will move more units than some new thing with the relatively less-known “Rovio” name on it.)

    • Bad Horse says:

      When I was on Android, I had something called Apparatus that I think was pretty similar. Never could quite figure it out though, so maybe it was wonky.

    • Guybrush Threepwood says:

      I think Disney picked up the IP. I know they released it on iDevices.

  3. duwease says:

    Oh neat.. considering I’m one of the very few who thought B&K: Nuts & Bolts was one of the best games of this generation, this could be right up my alley..

  4. Basement Boy says:

    I’ve been enjoying this one; like Angry Birds, its acute cuteness overshadows how damned difficult some of the puzzles can be (especially if you’re trying to 3-star them!)