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Slash And Grab

bit Dungeon torments with eternal clicking on monsters.

By Joe Keiser • October 18, 2012

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Games about dungeons rarely get more straightforward than bit Dungeon. See, you’re dropped on the first floor of a dungeon. It has nine square rooms, and all of them are filled with monsters. Click the monsters to attack them—they may drop equipment, and it might be better than your current equipment. Get across the floor and you’ll fight a boss. Beat the boss and you’ll get to go the next floor. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

There’s a bit more to it than that—you can hold down the mouse button to defend or unleash magic—but this sort of game has existed almost as long as there have been games, and what’s here is but the barest of the bones. And yet, even without any fancy trappings, bit Dungeon engrossed me for a time, as I watched my attack strength go up and listened to its cacophony of jackpot sounds. It doesn’t always take much.

But eventually, bit Dungeon stops feeling like a game and starts feeling like a piñata, and the desire to push forward for the sake of it is no longer enough. Fortunately, the game continues to be developed, and the promise of an update featuring an in-game store (with points as currency—no real money here) is intriguing. An ever-evolving temporary distraction might not become so temporary—as long as you can muster the interest to return.

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1,269 Responses to “Slash And Grab”

  1. caspiancomic says:

    Oh man, even the interminably verbose Gameological commentariat has nothing to say about this game. That’s a pretty damning assessment.

    • WorldCivilizations says:

      Eh, I enjoyed it for a little while. Then again I’ll play and enjoy anything with the word “dungeon” in the title. Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup will always be the best though.

    • bunnyvision says:

      There is a woodcut of this game in the dictionary next to the word ‘boring’

  2. Basement Boy says:

    I’m still trying to come up with new and exciting ways to spice up my everyday conversation with “feeling like a piƱata”…

  3. ovalencia says:

    I like the games resembling dungeons and pirates