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Rain Man

Kumo Lumo drips with cuteness despite its slippery controls.

By Jason Reich • October 19, 2012

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Over the span of human history, civilizations have developed a broad range of techniques for making it rain. Dancing for the gods. Cloud seeding. Throwing a fistful of singles in the air at a strip club. In Kumo Lumo, a mere tap of your finger is all it takes to unleash a torrent.

You are Lumo, a cloud, full to bursting with precious droplets. Below you, forests thirst for water, whales lie dormant in unfilled aquaria, and grinning teacups yearn to be filled—while raygun-wielding foxes threaten to burn it all to the ground. Yeah, Kumo Lumo gets weird fast, but the insanity complements a fun premise that’s derailed at times by imprecise controls. Touching Lumo slides him around the screen. Touching anywhere else rotates the ground beneath you. Too often, I tried to move Lumo into position only to wildly spin the planet below, sending my fluffy friend catapulting through the sky into the black storm clouds that end the game. It’s not a game-breaker, but it does interfere with what’s otherwise an enjoyable experience.

Kumo Lumo oozes cuteness, from its vivid paper cutout graphics to its penchant for giving every single enemy a name. (“You have been evaporated by Steve,” it cheerfully informs you.) And while every “mission” involves dumping rain on one thing or another, at only 36 short levels, the whole thing ends before boredom sets in.

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  1. Xtracurlyfries says:

    Awww yeah.

  2. sirslud says:

    So still, keyboards and controllers?