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Rogue Soul

Runnin’ Down A Dream

You can stab your way to fame and fortune in Rogue Soul.

By Jason Reich • October 26, 2012

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Let’s get one thing clear. Your character in Rogue Soul is not a lovable rapscallion, merrily escaping his pursuers over rooftops after stealing a loaf of bread for his family. As the opening cutscene makes clear, he is a stone thief who takes great glee in robbing a small businessman before slaughtering two completely innocent (if unkind) town guards. If you don’t mind that kind of blood on your hands, Rogue Soul is a surprising challenge.

Your goal is to become Arabia’s Most Wanted by leaping, stealing, and stabbing your way through town. You boost the price on your head with a mix of mischief and murder. Run far enough and new foes start popping up to thwart your hard-earned progress. Like many games in the endless-runner mode, Rogue Soul’s obstacles are easy enough to overcome once you’ve learned the patterns, but the randomly generated landscape and enemy-rich areas keep you on your toes.

It doesn’t take long to achieve the target reward of 5,000 coins (which frankly, seems like a paltry amount for a criminal whose body count reaches well into the dozens), but getting there is satisfying. Though it starts out slow, Rogue Soul sneaks up on you, much like its protagonist might sneak up to slit your throat in the dark.

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844 Responses to “Runnin’ Down A Dream”

  1. Bad Horse says:

    I’m sure 5,000 coins is like a billion dollars adjusted for inflation. Or something.

  2. Sam Van Rooy says:

    I’m really liking Rogue Soul, though I suspect the challenge might largely lie in my current state of sleep deprivation and mild intoxication. ¬†Pretty great game anyways, kind of like Bit.Trip Runner with an Aladdin theme (gross oversimplification), though not nearly as tough or awesome as BTR.

  3. bunnyvision says:

    A pleasant diversion on the road to the grave.