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Of Orcs And Men

Two Of A Kind

Can’t orcs and men just get along? Of Orcs And Men thinks not.

By Steve Heisler • October 9, 2012

Out This Week is a roundup of new games that are out this week. These listings don’t constitute an endorsement or a review of any sort. We also don’t pretend that this is an exhaustive list. If there’s a game on the horizon that interests you, share it in the comments.

PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360—October 9

“Guy in hood assassinates people” has become the logline for many a video game, be it Assassins Creed or Hoodie The Hooded Hoodie Hoo (Who Also Is An Assasssin). But the silent killer in Dishonored also has magic powers and a skull mask, and he is retaliating after being kicked off bodyguard duty for the Empress. And would you get a load of that hood?! That last sentence sponsored by The Gap.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown
PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360—October 9

XCOM: Enemy Unknown—the latest in a long line of games that had similar names, one of which had exactly the same name—demonstrates that when the entire planet is threatened by an alien invasion, one lone British broadcaster will have the guts to narrate exactly what is happening. There may be no more civilization as we know it, reducing our once-beloved way of live to a series of turn-based strategic maneuvers, but God damnit, there will be Downton Abbey.

Of Orcs And Men
PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360—October 11

Pride And Prejudice And Zombies primed the market for modern day literary adaptations featuring fantastic creatures of all stripes, and this Of Mice And Men remake has it all. Orcs. Men. A guy in a hood assassinating people. Bridges collapsing. Nobody named George or Lenny. It’s almost as if they just chose this name and didn’t use any of John Steinbeck’s material, or even base the game on his book at all. Which would be crazy, because how do they expect a video game to sell unless it’s based on a great work of literature? Just ask the creators of Gears Of War And Peace or Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Whom The Bell Tolls.

Worms: Revolution
PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360—October 10

When you cut a worm in half, it becomes two worms, meaning they are incredibly difficult to kill (unless you exert your speciesism and just stomp on it, you monster). Consequently, the Worms series of strategy games refuses to die, having been reimagined in glorious 2.5D. You read that right: It’s 2D, but it just looks nicer. Hopefully the game will contain a scene where one of the characters plays paddleball, and the ball looks like it’s about to hit you in half of your face!

Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition
PC—October 11

A grim look at the NFL had they not eliminated the replacement refs.

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1,266 Responses to “Two Of A Kind”

  1. George_Liquor says:

    Oooh fun! Let me do some:

    The Pit And The Pac-Man
    Brave New Super Mario World
    Crime And Punishment And Jak And Daxter
    Beyond Good And Evil
    …oh, wait.

    • stakkalee says:

      I gotta get in on this!

      A Tale of Two Sim-Cities
      The Grapes of RAGE
      To Kill An Angry Bird

    • GhaleonQ says:

      The B.F.G.-Darius
      Space Station Silicon Valley Of The Dolls
      Persevere, Goemon: The Glittering Journey To The Center Of The Earth: The Reason I Became A Dancer
      Melty Wise Blood: Actress Again Current Code
      T.S. ELIOT/DEEP CUT SPECIAL: East Cocoron

      • GhaleonQ says:

        Okay, I know that The A.V. Club people are ridiculously good at these anyway and they usually even make sense as concepts, but I love all of these.  I’m dreaming up Either/Orcs Must Die right now, @google-6108c5611fbc5b86af5df565c4b4b048:disqus .

    • Effigy_Power says:

      GWAR and Peace vs the Mummy
      The Scarlet Snakes and Ladders

    • Enkidum says:

      Call of the Wild Duty
      A Tale of Two Arkham Cities

    • Electric Dragon says:

      Either/Orcs Must Die
      The Half-Life And Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby
      The Pilgrim’s Pro Evo Soccer 6
      Cold Comfort Farmville

    • Spacemonkey Mafia says:

      Breakfast of Champions of Norrath
      Super Mario Brothers Karamazov
      Clash at Demonhead Revisited
      Less Than F-Zero

    • lokimotive says:

      Love in the Time of Contra
      Gravity’s Rainbow Six
      Portrait of the Artist as a Gundam
      Might & The Magic Mountain

    • PhilWal0 says:

      The Merchant Of Hyrule
      Samus Longstocking
      Zora The Geek
      Slaughter-level Five
      A Handful Of Dust514
      Heart Of Dark Souls-ness
      Finnegan’s Wind Waker
      The Maltese Falco
      Mario’s Travels

    • caspiancomic says:

       The Diving Bell and the Butterfree
      All Silent on the Western Hill
      A Farewell to Wild Arms
      One Hundred Years of Bejeweled

    • Girard says:

      Lev Tolstoi’s Secret of Mana Karenina
      Franz Kafka’s The Trials Evolution
      Yevgeny Zamyatin’s Nintendo We
      Italo Calvino’s If On a Winter’s Night a Traveler’s Tales and Captain Cosmicomics
      Jean Baudrillard’s The Simsulacra and The Simsulation
      Vladimir Nabokov’s Pale Fire Flower
      Jorge Luis Borges Blueberry Garden of Forking Paths
      Nikolai Gogol’s Dead Souls (that one kind of wrote itself)

    • Fluka says:

      This is the most erudite pun thread ever.

    • Dunwatt says:

      I want to play all the games listed on this page that are not actually the games that are coming out this week.  Well, except for Dishonored.

  2. Aurora Boreanaz says:

    Here Comes Hoodie Hoo-Hoo!

    A morbidly obese mother trains her six-year-old daughter in the arts of stealth assassination (“stabbinating”) and disguise (“costumiousness”).

  3. ToddG says:

    I look forward to the Worms: Revolution cross-promotion campaign with Rock the Vote.

  4. djur says:




    Seriously, though, anyone else really excited about having a new 2D Worms game?

    • George_Liquor says:

       I am! Worms Armageddon was so, so long ago.

    • Merve says:

      Hell yeah! Worms 2 defined my childhood. I’m still working my way through Worms Reloaded right now, though, so this one will have to wait.

    • Fyodor Douchetoevsky says:

      They put out a new 2d worms game a few years back and it was terrible, iirc. The devs have just been milking the seires dry as far as i can tell. I’d read up on it before buying this new one if I were you. 

      That said, Worms is awesome and I hope they finally put out a worthy successor to Worms Armageddon. 

      OH. There’s also a free worms clone called Hedgewars, which was really neat when I tried it out a few years ago. I think they might still update it. I remember reading that they added a portal gun weapon a while back.

      • Merve says:

        Worms Reloaded isn’t terrible. It’s a Worms game without any of the bullshit gimmicks. However, it lacks a lot of the customization of earlier Worms games, so you can’t have fun with creating grenades that explode half the terrain.

        Honestly, I wish they’d made an HD remake of Worms 2 instead.

  5. HobbesMkii says:

    I’m pretty excited for Blood Bowl. It’s both my favorite American Football video game, and my favorite Games Workshop IP video game. It’s also my favorite team management game, although it started as none of those because I thought it was too difficult to play until I gave it a real shot at learning the game. 

    I saw it sitting over in my Steam library forlornly the other day. I sunk a good 40 hours into it after I’d come to understand it, then dropped off for some reason. This’ll give me as much of an excuse as I need to start playing it again.

    • Effigy_Power says:

      As an avid Warhammer player in my distant youth, I always saw Bloodbowl as the bro-tastic bottom feeder of the table-top system. Then again, I also really dislike Football.

      • HobbesMkii says:

        I think it’s a pretty neat (if simple) commentary on violence in sports, by making the sport about violence. That makes it seem more hackneyed (like Battle Royale) than it actually is–it’s a sport, where no one makes any bones about the violence that’s inherent in it. 

        I can see how the table-top version would be that way. It’s definitely Warhammer pared down into its least difficult parts. I think that this aides it on computer, where it becomes a complex turn-based computer game if only because video games lack for a comparative complexity (outside of simulators, of course, but I hesitate to even refer to those as games).

      • Spacemonkey Mafia says:

        I’ve never played, but it always struck me as a similar product of British fascination with American culture in the same vein as Judge Dredd.

  6. Merve says:

    When you cut a worm in half, it becomes two worms
    For the record, this is actually an urban legend. You might see the bottom half wriggle around for a bit, but it’ll stop moving pretty quickly. The top half will soon lose essential fluids and die.

    • caspiancomic says:

       Fun fact: the same is true of humans.

      • Girard says:

         Then you better explain to me where new people come from CaspianComic! Are you implying that I have been deceived in my education regarding the fundamentals of human reproduction? (Bear in mind I am a product of the American public school system…)

      • HobbesMkii says:

        Shoot…I wish you’d said something sooner.

  7. I have never heard of the developer or the publisher of “Of Orcs and Men”. Are they new on the scene? They really didn’t do a very good job getting press for that game as i hadn’t heard of it til seeing it on the Steam front page recently (though I suppose that is good press right there).

    Anyway, too many good games. The onslaught begins.

  8. dmikester says:

    Seriously the best New Releases writeup yet.  Kudos, Steve!

  9. Doug Guth says:

    What is “Of Orcs and Men?” An RPG? An action/adventure? Must I have someone remind about the existence of Google w/ this query? I know nothing about this game but the trailer was neat.