Archive for November, 2012

  • GIrls Like Robots

    Love Rectangle

    Girls Like Robots is an entirely accurate story of young love, fleeting heartbreak, and the triumph of pie above both those things.

  • Wendy Molyneux

    Wendy Molyneux, TV writer

    Obsession, nausea, and marital discord: gaming is an emotional rollercoaster for the Bob’s Burgers writer.

  • Flippin' Dead

    Cursa Major

    In Flippin’ Dead, bear dudes and part-time zombies alternate spots on the food chain.

  • Game That Tune

    J-Pop And Circumstance

    The refreshing sincerity of Persona 4’s factory pop music.

  • Mr. Belvedere

    Games Go To Hollywood: Mr. Belvedere, “Pinball”

    Desperate to win, the put-upon Englishman is doomed to lose. For society’s sake.

  • Letterpress

    Strongly Worded Letters

    Letterpress is a cutthroat game of vocabulary imperialism.

  • LittleBigPlanet Karting

    Unbreak My Kart

    LittleBigPlanet Karting relies on its users to save it from predictability.

  • The Unfinished Swan

    Games Of October 2012: The Unfinished Swan

    Though cutesy at times, The Unfinished Swan still leaves us exhilarated.

  • Secret Of Mana: Ruins Of Pandora

    Secret Of Mana (1993): “Ruins Of Pandora”

    A textbook villain demonstrates the importance of putting on a good (evil) show.

  • Cognition

    Mind Over Matter

    Cognition’s old-school structure overshadows its psychic-sleuth twist.

  • The Hip Hop Dance Experience

    Answer The Call

    There are rare earth elements, stickers, and Lego studs to collect.

  • Forza Horizon

    Games Of October 2012: Forza Horizon

    A lot of car games are built exclusively for car fetishists. This one isn’t.

  • Punch Quest

    Million Puncho Baby

    Punch Quest is a great game for fans of punching things.