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Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me

Casanova is the world’s finest giraffe-kissing simulator.

By Cory Casciato • November 30, 2012

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I’ve done a lot of killing in my long, storied career as a gamer, but not a lot of kissing. Sure, it crops up on occasion, in a cut scene or as some kind of minor element, but how many games are all kissing, all the time? Casanova is. You play a cutesy male giraffe on the make. Lady giraffes walk toward you at a steady clip. You adjust your neck length to kiss them. Each successful kiss feeds into a combo, scoring higher than the last and resetting when you miss. Miss a kiss and you lose some mojo, represented by a pink bar in the upper right corner of the screen. (Makes sense—going in to kiss someone and whiffing will kill anyone’s confidence.) Along the way, you can grab the occasional power-up to get the ladies to adjust to you, reset your mojo, or just nab a bunch of bonus points. And that’s it. You go until your little bar runs out, then you start again.

With its one-button controls and one-note conceit, Casanova is as simple as they come. That’s to the game’s benefit, though, as its stripped-down approach and adorable graphics mesh into a silly, whimsical experience that’s as refreshing and heartwarming as a stolen kiss.

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  •,96925/ Merve

    This game is basically the opposite of the Helicopter Game, in that you have to run into obstacles instead of avoiding them. But this one has a pretty art style and nice backing soundtrack.

  • Jeb Adams

    The soundtrack alone is worth the price of admission.

  • Liam

    Thank you, and welcome to Making Animals Kiss. Today we’ll be starting with a dog and a cat.

    Kiss him. Kiss him. We’re not leaving until you kiss him.

  • stakkalee

    All right, Ferry Halim!  He’s made a ton of really simple, beautiful Flash games.  Hit the Orisinal homepage and check them out – I guarantee you’ll find something you like.

    • HobbesMkii

      Oh, it’s Orisinal. I just sort of skipped over that in my initial read-through. That makes a lot of sense, then. I’m surprised to find that it’s still going strong. How long has he been making games?

      • stakkalee

        Shit, I first ran into him when he won the 2003 Webby, so at least a decade.

    • Matt Kodner

      Winterbells is one of my browser-favorites. 
      Bunnies: Why won’t you jump higher, damnit!

  • Brainstrain

    Tremendous fun. But I can’t figure out why the “health” bar is literally as far as it could be from where you have to look to play. I didn’t even notice it on my first play through. The game is still wonderful, of course, just a bit baffling as well.

  • duwease

    Finally, now “Kissing Games” is a full-fledged genre!  So far encompassing two games:  this one, and Chulip for the PS2.

    • IntotheNightSky

      First Person Kissers sounds like a genre I could get into.

      • duwease

        I used to play the tabletop version of a FPK (a mirror).

  • WL14

    For some weird reason, I saw the name of this game and the screenshot and my mind instantly went to some sort of evolutionary game where only giraffes with similar length necks could have babies, resulting in separate species of different neck-lengthed sub-giraffes. Because as we all know, kissing leads to babies. But apparently I was the only one who thought that. The game ended up being a little disappointing compared to my thought-game.

  • yifu490