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Cursa Major

In Flippin’ Dead, bear dudes and part-time zombies alternate spots on the food chain.

By Drew Toal • November 15, 2012

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In a 2006 special report, Comedy Central buffoon-pundit Stephen Colbert said that bears are “mindless killing machines. They smell our fear. They feed on our weakness. They are public enemy number one.” Unless you’re Davy Crockett or a relentless zombie, going one-on-one against a bear probably isn’t the best career move. The food chain is reversed, reversed back, and reversed again in Flippin’ Dead, where a bear in shades must avoid a zombie tide and harvest crates for points and goodies. Every so often, one of these undead care packages contains a rainbow, which briefly turns the zombies back into humans and rights the natural dietary order. After mauling people for a few moments, the humans turn back into zombies, and you’re forced to keep surviving until the next curative rainbow.

Flippin’ Dead is stylish, Pac-Man-style fun without the mazes and pellets. It’s repetitive, but that’s probably just the nature of the zombie apocalypse. I would be interested to hear whether Colbert’s well-documented fear of bears would be outweighed by the looming communist zombie threat, but for now it appears we should all be pulling for Yogi’s brethren.

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413 Responses to “Cursa Major”

  1. Raging Bear says:

    Of course, if the bear was a carrion-eating black bear, he could attack the zombies all the time.

  2. HobbesMkii says:

    Godless killing machines. They have a very active religiously minded killing machinery.

  3. Effigy_Power says:

    Better undead than red?