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Love Rectangle

Girls Like Robots is an entirely accurate story of young love, fleeting heartbreak, and the triumph of pie above both those things.

By Joe Keiser • November 16, 2012

In Girls Like Robots, girls—well, they like robots now. It was going to happen eventually. After all, robots are perfectly engineered to be strong and attentive and charming. Their warm, glistening steel bodies shiver involuntarily with the power of their precision German motors as you run your fingers along their…wait, what we talking about again?

Right. Girls Like Robots. They like other things too, like pie, and dislike some things, like nerds. The robots and nerds in turn have their own personal tastes, as well. Robots, for example, don’t mind being near three girls, but put them near four, and they panic. It’s your job to arrange all of these folks so they’re sitting near what they enjoy and away from what they hate. Make enough of them happy, and you get to move on.

These organizational puzzles take on more characters and obstacles, but they never get too difficult, and the game’s twee presentation and relentlessly silly tale of Farm College romance might drag a smile out of you—though the banjo-heavy soundtrack pushes the homespun angle a little too far. Still, it’s cute and approachable, which gives you plenty of time while you play it to consider where you would stand in the new robo-centric hierarchy.

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