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The sky is falling and the ground is blowing up in Save The Day—what fun!

By Anthony John Agnello • November 26, 2012

Mount Torrid might be the most stressful national park ever devised. The 200 visitors—a gaggle of googly-eyes dudes, chicks, kids, old ladies, and kitty cats—should have known that the mountain is an active volcano since there are evacuation helicopter landing pads all over the place. It’s their own fault that they got trapped under all that rubble and those lava flows. As the pilot of the rescue helicopter in question, though, it’s hard to be angry at the stranded denizens. Picking them up is too much fun.

Torrid hasn’t yet gone full Mount Saint Helens when Save The Day begins, but the clock is ticking. There are 200 living beings that need saving, and you can only carry 10 at a time. Plus, many of the nooks and crannies around the park are sealed off until you save a given number of bystanders. Why some sicko would set up barriers during a massive seismic event isn’t clear, nor is it clear why there are giant jewels hidden beneath flames for you to collect after hosing them down. Doesn’t matter. Efficiency, not logic, is the most useful tool on the mountain, carving a path through the sky and caves to maximize the cycle of pick up and drop off.

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  1. Kyle Hale says:

    Wow! That is … quite a step up in browser gaming experiences.