Archive for December, 2012

  • Glitch

    A Kinder, Loving World

    The online game Glitch went dark on Dec. 9, taking with it a community of peculiar, passionate altruism.

  • Protobotic

    The Revolution Will Be Mechanized

    Protobotic’s aspiring robot overlord relies on logic rather than deadly neurotoxin.

  • Gravity Rush

    Some Like It Hotline

    The gory Hotline Miami and the tender Katawa Shoujo rank among Gameological readers’ favorites of the year.

  • Beth Stilling

    Beth Stelling, comedian

    Fresh off a move from Chicago, the L.A.-based comic escapes reality by dusting off her Nintendo 64.

  • Red Rogue

    Fast And Furious

    Red Rogue is a raging dream that can end in an instant.

  • Game That Tune / Everyday Shooter

    Six-String Shooter

    In Everyday Shooter, the music doesn’t act in service of the game—it’s the other way around.

  • Journey

    It’s The Notes They Don’t Play

    The lack of identity in Journey. The lack of bombast in Far Cry 3. The lack of accoutrements in Super Hexagon. As our 2012 staff picks conclude, we realize that absences can make the heart grow fonder.

  • Thanks For Playing

    (Un)Jump Around

    Thanks For Playing makes you live a perfect life in reverse.

  • Guardians Of Middle Earth

    Token Tolkien

    Guardians Of Middle-Earth strips away J.R.R. Tolkien’s lore and sticks to the fighting.

  • Mass Effect 3

    All’s Well That Ends Well

    Diablo III entertains, Frog Fractions befuddles, and the Mass Effect 3 conclusion delights at least one of our writers in today’s year-end staff picks.

  • Newbie Conviction

    War, What Is It Good For?

    Newbie Conviction sucks you into a war without your knowing.

  • Party Of Sin

    Season Of Sin

    The last few stragglers on the 2012 release calendar have our columnist feeling nostalgic.

  • Tokyo Jungle

    It’s A Dog-Eat-Hippo-Eat-Hyena World

    But games like Tokyo Jungle, Dishonored, and many others nonetheless found their way into our hearts this year.