Archive for December, 2012

  • Loot: The Game

    The Elephant In The Room

    Dumbo shoots up a train in Loot: The Game.

  • Skyrim: Dragonborn

    Respect Your Elders

    In Dragonborn, Skyrim sends its hero abroad.

  • Ridge Racer Type 4

    A Perfect Circle

    R4: Ridge Racer Type 4 closes by finding revelation in the perfect lap.

  • Zelda symphony orchestra

    A Brief History Of Ocarina Of Time

    Highlights from the week’s comment threads.

  • Clay Jam

    What Kind Of Clay Has It Been

    Clay Jam gets your fingers dirty while keeping your screen clean.

  • Jhonen Vasquez

    Jhonen Vasquez, cartoonist

    The creator of Invader Zim talks about the difficulty of making moments matter in games and how to make a cartoon and love it.

  • Why Am I Dead?

    Death Becomes You

    Why Am I Dead? is like Clue, except you’re Mr. Boddy.

  • Robocop

    More Than Meets The Eye

    Why is the theme from RoboCop so quixotically lovely?

  • Far Cry 3

    Did You See That?

    A thrilling voyeurism and a dash of insanity make Far Cry 3 come alive.

  • A Boy And His Blob

    Nice touch: 11 affectionate gestures in video games

    A kiss, a hug, a spastic full-body dance. It doesn’t take much to show a little love.

  • Skrillex Quest

    Life’s A Glitch

    Skrillex Quest is what happens when you don’t blow on the cartridge.

  • Chicago Toy Fair

    “Kids Use Chips, Adults Use Sips”

    At the Chicago Toy And Game Fair, creators pitch the cross-generational fun of their games. We pick our highlights and other lights from last month’s show.

  • Arranger

    Compose Yourself

    Arranger’s many influences make beautiful music together.