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Fast And Furious

Red Rogue is a raging dream that can end in an instant.

By Steve Heisler • December 13, 2012

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The story of Red Rogue is entirely your own, and it can end in an instant. You are some sort of hunter diving deep through dungeons and sewers with the help of a skeleton pal. Your primary concern is exploration—there’s little else to worry about. You move around with ease, and you have the infinite capacity to disable traps. To defeat enemies, you simply carry a knife and walk into them, and the presumed stabbing commences. You are playing the game within seconds of loading the title screen, and mere seconds later, Red Rogue offers the sensation of mastery.

You’re free to roam the black-and-white landscapes, which are created randomly each time you enter a new room. (The title is a reference to Rogue, the seminal game that built its dungeons in the same way, on the fly.) There are cryptic messages sprawled on the walls in what appears to be blood. There are sentient cacti and flies that surround your minion—oh, right, you have a minion. Sometimes the floor collapses below your feet and you tumble far below where you started. Why? It’s unclear, and with so little noise, you’re free to write your own story. Maybe you’re running toward freedom, or away from it.

Red Rogue sets you adrift veritable Dreamatorium before callously snatching it away. Sometimes, one of those trollish monsters is far too powerful for you or your minion, but since the game offers so few hints, the only way to find out whether you have the strength to overcome a threat is to risk death. If things don’t go your way, that’s it. You have to start over entirely. There’s no saving here, only new journeys into the recesses of your mind, with little to guide you.

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  1. tyluh says:

    There is actually a plot to the game, if you piece together the messages written on the walls and the messages you dream when you sleep.

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    the comment I left with the link to the creator’s page got deleted, but two spam comments are hanging around? wtf?