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  • Final Fantasy VII


    Highlights from the week’s comment threads

  • Subbania

    Sunken Treasure

    Subbania goes deep and brings up gold.

  • Dan Wilbur

    Dan Wilbur, comedian

    The author of How Not To Read applies his literary theory to Dark Souls and Final Fantasy Tactics.

  • Zenkaimura

    Mission: Inscrutable

    Zenkaimura is nuts and incomprehensible, but in a good way.

  • Bit. Trip Runner

    Fun Run

    The motivational music of Bit.Trip Runner gets your heart pumping.

  • Mega Man 2

    That’s not how it happened: 15 video game futures that didn’t come true

    Fiction can be stranger than truth.

  • Quantum Patrol

    If You Can’t Beat ’Em, Quantum

    Quantum Patrol is familiar and fresh at the same time.

  • Dead Island: Riptide promotional statuette flyer

    It Belongs In A Museum

    An awful Dead Island: Riptide promotional statuette serves as a breathtaking work of shock art.

  • Shaqdown


    Does a Shaq-vs.-zombies game have a place in 2013? Maybe, but not if that game is ShaqDown.

  • Devil May Cry

    Cry Me A River

    Join the devil in sobbing for yet another slow release week.

  • Charles Amis

    Charles Amis, game designer

    A designer with experience in a wide range of games talks about giving players just the right amount of choice.

  • Spike: A Love Story Too


    The murderous hero of Spike: A Love Story Too fights to survive a stagnant economy.

  • Anarchy Reigns

    Chaos And Creation In The Junkyard

    Anarchy Reigns is typically brash and bananas for Platinum Games, but it’s missing a core of clarity.