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Cave Story

A man’s humble quest to save his daughter makes Wilt: Last Blossom bloom.

By Steve Heisler • January 22, 2013

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The world cannot be saved, but perhaps a man can save his daughter. This humble quest begins minutes into Wilt: Last Blossom, set against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Zombies and other, less harmless meanies roam the once-bustling streets, relegating humans to underground tunnels, where they’re sapped of their will to do anything but survive. The hero, a body builder in the Schwarzenegger mold, leaves his cave for a second to snag what remains of the edible food. He returns to find his home being ransacked by scientists in haz-mat suits who kidnap his daughter for study. So, this guy sets off.

Sure, saving one person’s life is theoretically less important than saving the lives of the billions who died in the plague, but Wilt ensures the journey is not without weight. The hero is so humbled by the loss of his daughter that he can’t even manage a punch or a high jump until someone else shows him the way. He must collect his courage, piece by piece—yes, this is yet another Metroidlike game—as he surveys the wasteland for any sign of humanity. The camera is at the widest, highest angle possible, making the hero appear tiny even next to a simple crate, let alone a warehouse full of zombies. The stakes are high, and this has a way of making even the most fearsome feel meek. There are plenty of enemies in Wilt, but there are even more stretches of desolate dirt. All the more time to remember all those who fell before the game started, and all the less distraction from this man’s plight.

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10 Responses to “Cave Story”

  1. Mercenary_Security_number_4 says:

    I am getting a little sick of the apocalypse as the go-to future setting for all stories.  I blame this on John the Revelator.

  2. Mike Podgor says:

    I wasn’t expecting that game to have anything resembling a happy ending.

  3. JudgeReinhold says:

    As someone with a slow day at work today, I thank you for your recommendation of a browser game. 

  4. Army_Of_Fun says:

    “…this is yet another Metroid-like game…”

    You say that like it’s a bad thing.