Archive for February, 2013

  • Persona 4

    Silence Is Golden

    Just because games can talk doesn’t mean they should.

  • Dream House Days

    Tenants, Anyone?

    Kairosoft’s landlord simulation needs more square footage.

  • Fire Emblem: Awakening

    Pawn Stars

    Fire Emblem: Awakening is like chess with emotional stakes.

  • Dead Space 3

    Love And Rockets

    Dead Space 3 celebrates humanity’s indomitable pettiness.

  • Bart Simpsons and the spirits of video game conscience

    The Perfect Bonestorm

    Highlights from the week’s comment threads.

  • Beneath

    Miner Infractions

    Beneath sounds promising but ends up giving players the shaft.

  • DmC: Devil May Cry

    Episode 10: The Rated-R Edition

    We sure seem to talk a lot about penises. Also: advice for young go-getters who want to write about games. (These two topics are not related.)

  • Aaron Bleyaert

    Aaron Bleyaert, comedy producer

    Sometimes, this Conan producer just wants to be a cube of meat.

  • Rumble's Revenge

    A Faint Rumbling

    Rumble’s Revenge is a pale tribute to its inspiration, Gravity Falls.

  • Dragon's Dogma

    Dragons East!

    The title song of Dragon’s Dogma is an aural culture clash.

  • Dragon Quest VIII

    Just For You

    Has a game ever felt tailor-made to your tastes?

  • Surgeon Simulator 2013

    Medical Malpractice

    Surgeon Simulator 2013 reflects poorly on the state of modern medicine.

  • Antichamber

    The Stuff Of Dreams

    Antichamber is a frustrating, brilliant maze with an otherworldly logic.