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Eyes On The Flies

Frogout’s goofy charm disguises its serious message.

By Jason Reich • February 18, 2013

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When the coming environmental catastrophe renders our planet uninhabitable, it won’t be famine or rising sea levels that force us into our underground bunkers. It will be the mutant flies. Oh, sure, you can drive your Priuses and install all the rooftop solar panels you want, but only one thing truly stands between us and the total fly-related collapse of humanity: a mutant frog, obviously.

In Frogout, you are this smiling bucktooth mutant amphibian, equipped with a tongue that is both your deadliest weapon and your means of transport. At the outset, the mutant flies hover well within your tongue’s reach, but soon enough, you’ll be using said organ to activate switches, fling obstacles out of your way, and send yourself sailing over toxic waste pools. The locomotion-via-appendage conceit isn’t exactly new, but it’s put to good use here with some clever environmental puzzles. Alongside the goofy graphics and playful comic book prologue, Frogout provides some sobering environmental facts to ponder between levels. The long and short of it is that Earth is eventually going to kill us all. But in the meantime, fun browser game!

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2 Responses to “Eyes On The Flies”

  1. Tyler Mills says:

    I don’t quite agree with BubbleBox’s take on Half Life 2.

  2. Bakken Hood says:

    I gold-medaled every level, thank you very f’ing much Gameological for postponing my graduate thesis by yet another day.