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Roar Rampage lets you punch skyscrapers right in their stupid faces—and that’s it.

By Joe Keiser • February 19, 2013

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Since being big, being strong, and having control is an elemental childhood fantasy, Roar Rampage should appeal to the kid in all of us. It is, after all, about a giant, boxing-glove-wearing dinosaur who punches buildings and gets tattoos. There’s a powerful draw to that, even for a grown-up.

The game starts off promisingly, as you’re bouncing helicopters off each other and pummeling corporate headquarters with monorail nunchucks. Its brash, colorful visuals, plainly inspired by the arcade games of the early ’90s, also work in its favor, but in fairly short order, you run out of things to do. Aren’t you a heavyweight boxing dino? You should be able to do anything.

The primary issue is the way you box—by touching the glove and dragging it into whatever stands in your way. It’s a weightless, frustrating form of pugilism. Between that and the overwhelming strength of your dinosaur, it’s too easy to defeat enemies via constant flailing. There are methods to combine attacks and make things a little more interesting, but that doesn’t stop Roar Rampage from feeling less like a power fantasy and more like kicking over sandcastles at the beach—which is also fun, you know, for a while.

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5 Responses to “Dragon Punch”

  1. Tyler Mills says:

    This game is exactly like you are playing as the bigger of the Migens Brothers from Mischief Makers. 

  2. stakkalee says:

    Wow, that gets real old real fast.  I did play it in my browser and not on a phone so maybe it’s more fun with the touchscreen than with the mouse, but there’s no real challenge and not enough variety to justify buying this.  It doesn’t have much replay value either.  It’s too bad – the original Rampage is a classic.

  3. Asinus says:

    EDIT: Oops, I forgot who was whom, I still like the wolf anyway.

  4. Matt Kodner says:

    I can only imagine what the champ is doing with left hand