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Dollar Dash

Brother, Can You Spare A Hundred?

Robbing your friends blind is encouraged in Dollar Dash.

By Ryan Smith • March 20, 2013

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I’ve always felt a little sorry for old-timey bank robbers—the oafish ones you see wearing raccoon-eye masks and calling each other “Bub.” They’re always screwing up heists and stick-ups, whether they’re getting nabbed by Superman or underestimating the mousy teller who is secretly packing heat. It seems they need some sort of savvy George Clooney-type character to manage their misdeeds.

That fecklessness is especially apparent in Dollar Dash, where it’s not some enterprising gumshoe standing in the way of a group of bumbling bank robbers but rather their own backstabbing greed. In this multiplayer-friendly game, four players sabotage each other with vicious traps, sleight-of-hand tricks, and shenanigans in order to accumulate more money than the rest. It’s a formula that borrows heavily from the classic party game Bomberman, minus the destructible mazes. Instead, players battle in single-screen arenas with varying degrees of open space like bank vaults and jewelry store aisles.

Of the three modes available, the best is the titular Dollar Dash, in which you try to stash more money in an escape vehicle than your villainous cohorts. But even that game grows tiresome fast when you face off against three computer-controlled bots. Dollar Dash is best experienced with real-life friends—preferably people who don’t mind when you shoot them in the face with a bottle rocket and steal their cash.

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One Response to “Brother, Can You Spare A Hundred?”

  1. Oxperiment says:

    Tasty tasty couch multiplayer. Too bad controllers cost so damn much. They just won’t drop in price, and cost a good amount more than most games I’m willing to purchase.