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Ridiculous Fishing

Weapon Of Bass Destruction

Ridiculous Fishing turns angling into an addictive bloodsport.

By Ryan Smith • March 22, 2013

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Fishing is a discipline of patience and fastidious preparation. Your success relies largely on choosing the right time, place, and equipment—decisions you make long before hopping into a boat and flicking your rod into the water. Then you sit and wait. And wait. The hook and the catch? That’s just the endgame, a brief stretch of panic as you reel in your finned prey.

Putting you in the rubbery boots of a gruff old fisherman, Ridiculous Fishing: A Tale Of Redemption is about catching an aquarium’s worth of marine life—from ordinary bass to horned narwhals—without all the fuss. In the first of the game’s three phases, you cast a line into watery depths and tilt your phone to guide a lure past waiting fish. Once you strike a fish, you reel in as many different species as you can before your hook reaches the surface. The force of your superhuman-like tugging sends your catch flying through the air above the boat. The surprising third part of Ridiculous Fishing asks you to whip out a few guns and skeet-shoot your catch into a bloody pulp for cash, which can be used to buy upgrades for your gear. Ridiculous Fishing has little regard for the pastoral poetry of the real thing. It discards the tedium and turns that one primal moment of man-versus-fish into a surreal, silly, and addictive game.

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4 Responses to “Weapon Of Bass Destruction”

  1. Spacemonkey Mafia says:

    I really like the strong, almost deliberately abrasive art style.  It’s like the love-child of Super Mario World and a Trapper-Keeper.
       But does it strain the eyes after prolonged play?  Everything looks to be done in the same hyper-saturated style, giving everything equal visual footing on the screen.

    • Ryan Smith says:

      I love the art style too. Honestly, it’s not the type of game you’d really want to play for more than 30 minutes at a time,though I could see getting obsessed trying to get your line as deep as you can in the Infinite stage. 

    • Halloween_Jack says:

      I haven’t played it for extended periods of time, but I don’t get that problem the way I do for Piyo Blocks 2. 

  2. I met one of the creators at Pax East and they were super nice. I really hope to see more updates to this game. I can only play the infinite mode for so long.