Archive for April, 2013

  • Richard Dawson hosts Family Feud

    That Feud Attitude

    Family Feud started out as a celebration of the common man (and Richard Dawson). Now it’s a venue for dick jokes. What happened?

  • Feature: Tattoo Assassins

    Tattoo Snafu

    Highlights from the week’s comment threads.

  • Ark Of The Ages

    Hack And Swipe

    Ark Of The Ages boils dungeon crawling down to its basics.

  • Chris Gethard

    Chris Gethard, TV host

    Thanks to pinball, Chris Gethard has lost more than his share of quarters at the laundromat.

  • A False Saint, An Honest Rogue

    Survival Tour

    A False Saint, An Honest Rogue captures the lonely business of keeping yourself alive.

  • LocoRoco

    Mellow Yellow

    Ignorance is bliss with LocoRoco’s upbeat nonsense soundtrack.

  • Nintendo World Championships gold cartridge

    Hell Of A Year

    What’s your favorite year in video game history?

  • Lie Swatter

    You Are Being Lied To

    Lie Swatter can’t handle the truth.

  • Guacamelee!

    Mask And Ye Shall Receive

    Guacamelee! celebrates the delight of disguise.

  • Feature: Tattoo Assassins

    Splattered Ink

    The story of Tattoo Assassins, the violent, flatulent Mortal Kombat knockoff that never came to be.

  • Badland

    Dark And Pretty

    Darkness is a welcome comfort in Badland.

  • ShootMania Storm

    New ReleaseMania!

    ShootMania Storm mania arrives, and Age Of Empires II gets a little elective cosmetic work done.

  • Dead Space: Extraction

    Dead Space: Extraction (2009)—“Worlds Apart”

    The first stage of the Dead Space prequel sets an ominous tone by borrowing a trick from TV.