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  • Xbox 360

    Let’s Get Compatible

    Highlights from the week’s comment threads.

  • Atari E.T.

    Legendary Atari E.T. dumping ground to be excavated for documentary

    Did Atari, facing a total collapse of the home video game industry, really bury millions of unsold cartridges, most notably tons of copies of its E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial game, in a New Mexico landfill? It’s one of video game history’s most famous urban legends, and we might finally be on the brink of real video […]

  • The Queen Of Snakes

    Serpentiny Furniture

    The Queen Of Snakes is so gorgeous, it belongs in a museum.

  • You can do it, Lucas

    This week in “What could possibly go wrong” news: The U.S. government is building games that make cyberwarfare easy

    Hacking is hard. There are lots of command lines, numbers, semicolons. Oh; the semicolons! The U.S. government does not have enough hackers who understand how to beat the piss out of other countries’ evil computers—I’m looking at you, Spain—so they’ve come up with a plan that definitely won’t end in disaster. It’s Cyberwarfare: The Game. […]

  • Jon Bartok and Ramphy Boro, game store employees

    Two helpful staffers at Gameological’s local game store dig into Star Wars and Donkey Kong.

  • Plants Vs. Zombies Adventures

    It’s (Barely) Alive

    Plants Vs. Zombies Adventures shambles more slowly than its undead baddies.

  • Two Gameological staffers appeared side by side in an issue of Nintendo Power—10 years ago

    We haven’t run a contest in a while, and we’re still not. (But we will be running a pretty cool one next week. Look out!) That photo below is a convoluted reader-submitted quiz from a 2004 issue of Nintendo Power, the cover of which is featured above, complete with Shrek’s gut overhanging the magazine’s logo. […]

  • Coloris

    True Colors

    Coloris thanks you for playing, with a song.

  • Joysticks

    This supercut of video games in movies will either feel old or make you feel old

    One of the best ways to ensure that a film will look dated is to feature whatever technology is hot at the time. Any character with a cell phone that isn’t a smartphone might as well be in an adaptation of Captain Caveman. So it brings me great joy to see that the supercut-loving folks […]

  • Xbox 360

    Backward Thinking

    Shunning support for older games isn’t just bad for players—it denigrates the entire art form.

  • Skee-Ball

    This new Skee-Ball game from Google is awful, but let’s talk about Skee-Ball anyway

    Google has released another “Chrome Experiment,” which is the company’s name for its games that require a zillion devices and don’t work very well and aren’t that great even when they do work, anyway. This new Google game is called Roll It. Once you hook up the virtual wires between your telephone and the online […]

  • Jacob Jones

    My Pet Monster

    You will believe a boy and his monster can solve logic problems in Jacob Jones And The Bigfoot Mystery.

  • Comment Cat

    Latest Humble Bundle

    COMMENT CAT SEZ: Commenter Http Lovecraft pointed us toward the new Humble Bundle, which includes my second favorite game of last year, Hotline Miami.