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Grand Theft Auto V

Episode 12: Reading The Tea Leaves

Evan Narcisse does the headlines, Bonney Teti returns with an iPhone game review, and Ellie Gibson recaps her recent trip to Paris.

By John Teti • May 10, 2013

After a much-decried absence, my mom is back on the podcast just in time for Mother’s Day, this time with a review of Lie Swatter for the iPhone. She has a slew of observations on top of that, too, as do my other witty, charming guests—namely, Evan Narcisse of Kotaku fame and Ellie Gibson of Eurogamer. Narcisse and I go over some recent headlines in game-industry news, such as the pre-pre-announcement of the Xbox 7000 and the triple trailer for Grand Theft Auto V. Ellie and I dissect the finer points of asynchronous game (think Words With Friends) etiquette and then talk about whatever the heck we feel like, including Paris. It’s a good time.

Don’t forget to call your mom this weekend! And don’t forget to put her on your podcast if you happen to run a website. Thanks for listening!

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12 Responses to “Episode 12: Reading The Tea Leaves”

  1. Effigy_Power says:

    Exhaustive, but overall great episode. Ellie and I should hang out, I think we’d have some good times.

  2. The_Helmaroc_King says:

    John, I think you’re thinking of a Bee Gees’ song.

    All of my life
    I call yesterday
    The scrimps and the scramps
    of my life’ve gone away

  3. Girard says:

    “Like it or lump it” and “Scri(m)ps and scra(m)ps” are going into my day to day linguistic  repertoire.

    Also, as I was typing this, John said “kerfuffle.”

    The world has become some kind of social media word game, and Johnny Boy is FUCKING WINNING THE WORLD with his words.

  4. Drew Toal says:

    Frasier reruns for life!

  5. Pyrrhus_Crowned says:

    The podcast is back! I know it doesn’t run on a set schedule, but I was a little worried when we skipped April.

  6. Fluka says:

    Gameological In Stereo: “If it has bukkake on some guy’s TV screen head, it sounds like it’s pretty good.”

    (But seriously, gah, Saga is soooo gooood!)

  7. Spencer Greenfield says:

    It’s weird. Even though I know there’s no camera, I can still feel John Teti staring into it every now and then. 

    Side note: John Teti Parody account called “John Tet E-Books.” Is it possible, or a simple dream of a mad man?

  8. ArnieNiekamp says:

    Yay, John Teti’s Mom likes Lie Swatter. When I started listening to the podcast, I was suddenly weirdly nervous.

    Maybe John Teti’s Mom should play against my mother, who also needs people to play with. (It’s no fun to play against me because I know the answers)

  9. says:

    Isn’t it about time for another ‘cast? I enjoy them and, frankly, it’s been too long.