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Swarm Racer is a frenetic flight of the bumblebee.

By Adam Volk • May 22, 2013

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This past winter, more than 31 percent of America’s bee population was wiped out due to increasing environmental high jinks, according to a recent study by the U.S. Department Of Agriculture. That may mean a significant decrease in the number of bee beards—not to mention the very real possibility that the Honey Nut Cheerios Bee will soon be hovering on death’s door.

Fortunately, there are games like Swarm Racer to help us better appreciate our buzzing, bumbling friends. In the game, you play as an entire swarm of bees. You’re dropped into a series of mazes where your goal is to collect gems as quickly as possible. When all of the gems in a maze are collected, the race is over, and you’re given a score based on your time. You can expand your swarm to cover a larger area or contract it into a tight cluster to squeeze through narrow spaces. Go too quickly, however, and you may lose some of your wayward hive as they get trapped or separated. You’ll also have to contend with a series of obstacles, like blocks that send your bees bouncing and speed pads that can potentially scatter your swarm. It’s a short but sweet apiary affair and a timely reminder that now—more than ever—we should leave no bee behind.

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5 Responses to “Swarmula One”

  1. Merve says:

    It’s a nifty idea, but I wish the expand and regroup commands were a little more responsive. That way, it would feel more like a game of skill and less like a game of luck.

  2. The_Misanthrope says:

    Man, bees are just one of those bugs that set me to panic whenever one is in the vicinity.  It’s really bad when you can hear them buzzing–so you know they are nearby–yet you don’t know where exactly they are so you’re just swatting at empty air in vain. 

  3. Colliewest says:

    The majority of people in Michigan cannot differentiate between bees and wasps. This drives me nuts.
    One makes delicious honey and if it stings you it will probably die, so it will not take this decision lightly.
    The other is just an hornery little bastard that will not leave alone your donut and will sting you for no reason. Stop calling it a bee!

  4. CNightwing says:

    I heartily approve of this pun.

  5. Matt Kodner says:

    These are trying times for sure. I’ve had to get by with just my Synthetic Beard Of Bees.