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  • EarthBound

    Steal These Comments

    Highlights from the week’s comment threads.

  • The Greenlight Supershow

    Developers unite for 13-hour indie game awareness marathon, and you can watch it here

    Tomorrow, starting at 10:30 a.m. Eastern time, a coalition of independent developers will be putting on a 13-hour-plus live streaming marathon to raise awareness for their games—and to encourage viewers to help them out. The quasi-telethon, dubbed The Greenlight Supershow, will feature 23 games that are currently awaiting approval on Steam’s Greenlight service. We’ve embedded […]

  • Hotline Miami

    We’re giving away a copy of Hotline Miami for the PlayStation 3 & PlayStation Vita

    It’s time for another Friday Gameological giveaway! This time, we’re giving away a copy of the ultra-violent indie game Hotline Miami for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, as the game has just made its way to Sony’s machines. Read the trivia question below, fire up your preferred electronic mail application, and send the answer […]

  • King's Ascent

    Walk On The Regicide

    It’s not so good to be the king in King’s Ascent.

  • Kylesa

    Kylesa’s Phil Cope and Laura Pleasants, musicians

    The Savannah metal band’s principal songwriters devise the ultimate piece of band merchandise.

  • Comment Cat

    CrabNaga links us to a creepy Animal Crossing Let’s Play

    COMMENT CAT SEZ: Dashing commenter CrabNaga links us to a disturbing Animal Crossing playthrough.

  • Erotic Photo Hunt

    One of the creators of Erotic Photo Hunt finally explains its ineffable charms

    Emily Guendelsberger—the arts editor at Philadelphia City Paper and an occasional contributor to The A.V. Club—posted an interview today with one of the top creative minds behind Erotic Photo Hunt. In case you’re not familiar, Erotic Photo Hunt is one of the most popular games for Megatouch’s line of bartop touchscreen game consoles. It’s a […]

  • Grand Banda

    Breaking And Entering

    Grand Banda is more proof that a determined granny can infiltrate anything.

  • Dog Days Of Summer

    The music of Animal Crossing sets the scene for a vacation in paradise.

  • Lucky Peach

    Bye-bye, workday! The creator of Candy Box just released a new game, Lucky Peach

    Remember that time we all got hooked on Candy Box, the amazing text-only browser game that took us on an unaccountably engrossing journey through goblin lairs and lollipop farms? Well, if you don’t remember, Candy Box is still around, so you can go see what all the fuss is about. But there is a new […]

  • Plagiarize This

    What great idea do you wish more game designers would copy?

  • Stairway To Bullet Heaven

    The music is dangerously good in Soundodger.

  • Free* Comic Book Game

    In Marvel Heroes, it pays to be a superhero—well, you pay, at least.