We’re giving away three copies of Limbo for the PlayStation Vita

By Matt Gerardi • June 21, 2013

Limbo, everyone’s favorite monochromatic kid-killing platformer, has just made its way to the PlayStation Vita, and we’ve got three copies to give away. Just read the trivia question below, fire up your preferred electronic mail application, and send the answer to swagbag [at] gameological [dot] com before tonight at midnight, Eastern time. We’ll pick three winners at random out of all the entrants who answer correctly and email them their Limbo download code. Without further ado, the question:

The Castlevania series features a wide variety of health-recovering food, and it usually entails a simple process: eat food, feel better. In Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night, however, one food is considered particularly “difficult to eat.” Which food is it, and why is it difficult to eat?

UPDATE: The contest is now closed. Congratulations to the winners: Sam M., Yang L., and Mike A.!

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14 Responses to “We’re giving away three copies of Limbo for the PlayStation Vita”

  1. Mr. Glitch says:

    I’m feeling real good about this one. I’m one of the three people dumb enough to buy a Vita!

    • Aurora Boreanaz says:

      Well then, hopefully there won’t be too many people like me, who enter the contest despite not owning a Vita.  ;)

    • Spacemonkey Mafia says:

      You and me both!  And what better way to commemorate an expensive handheld than with a tech-busting, monochromatic mood-piece like Limbo!   

    • The_Misanthrope says:

       I know this one, but I don’t have a Vita.  Who wants to bribe me for the answer?

    • doctuar says:

      To be fair, I did think about it. So, I guess that puts me in a minority as well?

  2. NakedSnake says:

    Awesome. I am tempted to spoil it in the comments. Instead, can I propose my own question for the comments section? I can? OK:

    Dracula is much given to long-winded pontificating before inevitably getting his ass beat by the current generation’s Belmont. Describe Dracula’s worldview in 10 words or less.

  3. John Teti says:

    We’ve already had a couple of answers that failed to note that this is a two-part question—we need the what AND the why…

  4. The_Infamous_Dr_Q says:

    I know the answer, but Playdead was cool enough to grandfather in cross-buy if you already bought the game for PS3.  

  5. doctuar says:

    Is the answer “Games that came out 2 years ago” and “Because I’ve had it on the XBox for ages”?