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Animal Crossing Silhouette

Dog Days Of Summer

The music of Animal Crossing sets the scene for a vacation in paradise.

By Derrick Sanskrit • June 27, 2013

Game music has the power to earworm its way into your heart long after you put the controller down. Each week in Game That Tune, we highlight a great tune from a great game (or a great tune from a just-okay game).

Summer is upon us. School’s out, and all the kids in the neighborhood are running around outdoors, having water balloon fights and selling homemade lemonade. Your boss is focused on the beach party this weekend, so no one notices that you’ve got a six-pack of Corona at your desk. There are concerts in the park, and flying a kite doesn’t seem like a frivolous waste of time. Time to kick back with a few of your friends and anthropomorphic neighbors. Maybe look around town for that wandering troubadour, kick off a bonfire, and listen while he grooves on that acoustic guitar. Here’s a playlist of K.K. Slider’s acoustic grooves from the third game in the Animal Crossing series, City Folk (known as Let’s Go To The City outside of North America):

Don’t you just love the chorus of “Go K.K. Rider!”? Come on everybody, sing along!

Oh mi mi mi gwei mi! Oh mi mi mi gwei na!
Mi na mi oh mi mi na oh mi oh mi oh na,
Oh na! Na mi mi gwei, oh
Mi mi oh, gwei oh, gwei oh-oh!

Ah, that brings back so many campfire memories. Catching butterflies with the girls from the cabin across the river, taking the canoe for a ride around the lake…it’s a shame Animal Crossing didn’t let you make s’mores. Of course, you can’t spend your whole day huddled around an acoustic guitar listening to local folk songs from a canine Phil Ochs. So it’s a good thing Animal Crossing also had a unique tune play every hour of the day to properly capture the mood for that moment. If you don’t have the game, you can recreate the aural experience on the web so that even the most mundane moments of your summer vacation have a soundtrack. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think there’s a pitcher of Arnold Palmer on the front porch with my name on it.

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11 Responses to “Dog Days Of Summer”

  1. PaganPoet says:

    There’s a pretty cool key modulation there at 1:30. A tone up, too! Celine Dion would be proud!

  2. Chalkdust says:

    Theme week!  Animal Crossing review, Animal Crossing song featuring a gibberish language, and gibberish language being highlighted in the Q&A.  These things are not accidents, people!

    Also, if you want more K.K. Slider goodness in your life, but are short on time, why not listen to every song at once?

  3. DrFlimFlam says:

    I love the music in Animal Crossing, from what plays as you run around town to what Slider serves up on Saturday nights.

  4. Brainstrain says:

    I did not enjoy City Folk – it may have just been the period I was at in my life as opposed to it being a sub-par game, though. I did miss the borders at the edge of plots. And the rounding effect was off-putting. You really have to meet Animal Crossing halfway to enjoy it. I put untold hours into the original, though, and I’m pondering getting a 3DS for New Leaf.

    • DrFlimFlam says:

      I think fondly of the original perhaps because it’s been the game I’ve gone the longest without playing, but I do have fond memories of that one. I think Wild World was the least interesting game for me, but that may have had more to do with World of WarCraft than anything else.

      I think New Leaf is a pretty great game, and it does the most I think I’d want out of the series shy of letting my design my town from the ground up.

  5. As a bonus, this specific KK tune is also available to the owners of Super Smash Bros Brawl, where it is still one of my favorites.

    And interestingly, this Youtube clip auto-continued to KK Dirge, which is one of my staple house songs.

    • GhaleonQ says:

      It took forever for that person to fully rip all of the music from City Folk/Let’s Go To The City, and I believe it was old school, manual rather than from data (if I recall from our conversation).  Enjoy!  I was pumped when he finished.

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