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The Great Gatsby game

The makers of the brilliant Great Gatsby browser game are having a theme remix contest

By John Teti • June 7, 2013

I know there are a number of talented illustrators in the ranks of Gameological readership, so surely there must be a few amateur (or pro!) DJs out there. If so, you might want to check out the Great Gatsby Game Remix Contest. It’s being run by the folks who made The Great Gatsby For NES, one of the finest examples of browser-game wit that I’ve seen in recent years. It was co-created by Peter Malamud Smith, the Nerve editor who also co-created Super Debate 20XX for our Play The Year celebration last December.

The idea of the contest is simply to download the Great Gatsby game soundtrack for free and then remix one of the tracks. The best one gets a T-shirt, the classic American contest prize. “Style-wise, warbly ragtime might be most contextually appropriate,” say the game’s creators, “but go crazy—if you want to reimagine ‘Semitic Shuffle’ as a blistering shred-guitar extravaganza, who are we to stand in your way?”

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