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  • Mass Murder Of Steel

    Cartoonist makes game to critique the massive urban destruction of Man Of Steel

    It’s safe to say that, box office aside, Man of Steel wasn’t quite the darling Warner Bros. hoped it would be. Many critics have decried the gritty tone and the amount of violence in a summer blockbuster about arguably the most hopeful superhero in comic book history. The main topic of conversation, though, has been […]

  • Ballpoint Universe

    Games Of May 2013: Ballpoint Universe

    The hand-drawn beauty of this doodle-obsessed game often proves to be skin-deep.

  • Saints Row IV

    Australia outlaws Saints Row IV by refusing to classify it by classifying it

    Australia’s Classification Board, a quasi-governmental body that sets ratings for film, literature, and video games, has refused to classify the upcoming game Saints Row IV, essentially making it illegal for sale in Australia. Well, it’s not quite accurate to say that the Board refused to classify the game. Instead, “The Classification Board classified the game […]

  • Reggie Fils-Aime

    Nintendo executive gives impersonal video tour of his giant Animal Crossing house

    It seems like everyone but Microsoft is really stepping up their “executives making silly YouTube videos” game. Let’s not forget that sick burn Sony laid on Microsoft with that witty instructional video. And Nintendo has been delivering bizarre internet videos for almost two years with their promotional Nintendo Direct livestreams. Most of it is game […]

  • American Dream

    Mr. T-Bill

    In American Dream, celebrities are the one commodity you can always bank on.

  • Wario Ensemble

    In this week’s new releases, Nintendo solves its Wii U game shortage, and players get to join a motorcycle gang.

  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    Your Very Own Del Boca Vista

    You control the town in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Luckily, there’s still nothing important to do.

  • Reus

    Games Of May 2013: Reus

    A “god game” that rewards divine restraint.

  • Mind-controlled Pong

    Duke University students devised a Pong you can play with your brain

    Researchers at Duke University have built a version of Pong that players can control with their minds. (This report from Raleigh’s News & Observer comes to me by way of Kotaku.) You put some electrodes on your head, sit back, and think “up” or “down,” and the paddle on screen moves accordingly. If it were […]

  • Don't Escape

    Scourge Of Night Guy

    In Don’t Escape, you are your own worst enemy.

  • Flip-flops

    Flip-Flop Weather

    Nintendo and Apple look to the future while Microsoft backtracks.

  • David Dreger A.K.A. Knuckles Dawson

    R.I.P. David “Knuckles Dawson” Dreger

    We don’t do many obituaries on The Gameological Society, but I would like to take a moment to recognize the death of David Dreger. Better known by his online sobriquet, Knuckles Dawson, he was a contributor to games websites including Rooster Teeth, and he specialized in coverage of in-game Achievements on the Xbox 360. Knuckles […]

  • Eating terrible popsicles

    Games Of May 2013: Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger

    A clever storytelling concept makes for a fun downloadable diversion.