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  • The Onion: Fully Leveled-Up Video Game Character Marvels At How Far He's Come

    From The Onion: Fully Leveled-Up Video Game Character Marvels At How Far He’s Come

    Fully Leveled-Up Video Game Character Marvels At How Far He’s Come

  • Kerbal Space Program

    Kerbal Space Program is the game of choice for people who are smarter than us

    When your day job is to fire stuff into space, it must be hard to find entertainment that excites you. The Penny Arcade Report’s Andrew Groen discovered that the engineers at our nation’s leading rocket lab have a simple solution: They play a game where you pretend to fire stuff into space. “NASA’s Jet Propulsion […]

  • Gunpoint

    Inspector Gadget

    Technology is both the problem and the solution for Gunpoint’s hero.

  • Hotline Miami


    As it aspires to broaden its emotional range, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number rebels against the more-is-better sequel mentality.

  • An Unaccompanied Adult’s Guide To Chuck E. Cheese’s

    Is Chuck E. Cheese’s as much fun as it used to be—if it was ever fun?

  • Switch Fringe Ipswich Zelda map

    You can now navigate the town of Ipswich as if it were a Zelda level

    Switch Fringe is a two-week music and art festival in the U.K. town of Ipswich. The people who organized this festival commissioned a map. Under typical circumstances, the map would be of little interest to anyone who’s not an indie music enthusiast located in the Ipswich area. But this map! This map re-imagines Ipswich as […]

  • Snaaaake!

    B-Movie Magic

    Snaaaake! harnesses the power of schlock.

  • Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Xbox One

    Jimmy Fallon kicks off video game week with an Xbox One infomercial

    Every year during the week after E3, network television’s resident video game guy, Jimmy Fallon, puts on a couple of shows with segments dedicated to the industry’s latest wares. Last night, Fallon kicked off “video game week” with an appearance by everybody’s favorite blazer-over-game-T-shirt-wearing executive Phil Spencer, who showed up to spit game about the […]

  • Dracula 4 Shadow Of A Dragon

    Flower Power Grab

    In this week’s new releases, Luigi takes command of a floundering platform, and an old arcade favorite comes to Xbox.

  • Ace Attorney

    Ace Goes Deep

    The new Ace Attorney adds visual depth to Capcom’s video game comic book.

  • Einhänder

    The Sound Of One Hand Zapping

    All it takes to complete Einhänder’s first level is a blissful release of conscious thought.

  • Problem Attic

    Up For Anything

    Problem Attic is about finding focus amid pixelated clutter.

  • Xbox E3 2013 press conference

    Why Can’t We Be Friends?

    At E3 2013, everyone gangs up on Microsoft, everyone falls in love with Sony, and Nintendo is also there.